The Display 123 Monitor Calibrator Is Affordable & User-Friendly

Monitor calibration isn’t something that many casual PC users think too much about, but for visual artists and photographers, it can be crucial.
The Calibrite Display 123 monitor colorimeter aims to take care of that for its buyers. Best of all, it does so in a very usefully simple way that takes all the mystery out of PC monitor calibration for precision color rendering.
The Calibrite brand used to be called X-Rite in case you’re more familiar with that name and with the Display 123 it has created a monitor calibrator that pretty much anyone can use.
While this device is especially handy for pro users such as photographers and filmmakers who need the best possible color precision from their PC displays, it’s aimed at the general public too.
As Calibrite emphasizes in its publicity for the Display 123, “Get and keep your monitor color right for editing, gaming and any time color-accurate viewing is important (like clothes shopping or home decorating),”
In other words, the company wants to make calibration simple for everyday users and it also wants those users to see why calibration is useful even if they’re not doing any professional visual editing.
Calibrite also mentions that even high-quality monitors don’t display their best possible color rendering correctly. This can especially be true for monitors recently out of the box and still with their generalized factory settings.
The Display 123 is designed to sharpen these monitors up with a minimum of technical effort and time. It also works with laptop screens and other types of digital displays.

Calibrite has already developed other color checkers for professional users and even these have been designed for high precision and easy usability. The Display 123 however tries to simplify and refine those qualities further.
The little device is designed to require as few steps as possible for ideal color calibration and largely does its work automatically.
Users with the little device in hand mainly just need to connect the calibrator to their monitor, set the monitor’s brightness to its “Native” or “Photo” setting, and then activate the Calibrite Profiler software on their machine.
Once these steps are done, a user can tell the Display 123 to start its calibration process, which it does automatically.
Once the 123 finishes calibrating, its software delivers a before and after shot of display rendering to let a user clearly see how it adjusted display accuracy.
Calibrite further emphasizes the Display 123’s helpfulness for everyday users by explaining,
“The Calibrite Display 123 is a user-friendly monitor calibration device which ensures true colors with effortless accuracy. The simple design and easy-to-use software helps to enhance visuals, edit with confidence, boost your creativity, and makes shopping and decorating decisions more accurate,”
The Calibrite Display 123 does require USB-C connectivity to work with a user’s PC and monitor and it can only calibrate two monitors at a time.

Also, the little device doesn’t deliver deep calibration information, including not mentioning what color gamut it’s correcting. However, the Display 123 is very affordable and extremely easy to use for the level of performance it delivers.
If you’re a photographer or digital visual artist who needs quick, easy calibration without too much expense or a learning curve, the Display 123 might be just the thing from a company with pro-level display calibration experience.
The Display 123 isn’t shipping quite yet, but Calibrate claims it’s coming soon. You can preorder your own unit for $119.

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