Rescued In Storm, Withdrawn Cat ‘Tells’ Her Mom And Dad How Grateful She Is

Emily and her fiancé had just moved in together in Montana when they decided to adopt a cat. Despite not yet having a couch or a bed frame, they fell in love with Cass, a docile cat found in the middle of a snowstorm and brought to a local shelter. Little did they know, Cass’s true personality was far from quiet. Upon bringing Cass home, Emily and her fiancé quickly discovered her talkative nature. Initially, they planned to keep her in one room for a week to adapt to her new environment, but Cass’s constant meowing at the door led them to let her explore the house.
From that point on, it was Cass’s domain, and she would accompany them wherever they went, even greeting them every time they came home. Cass’s meowing was so prominent that Emily would put her on the phone with friends to say hi, as it felt like a conversation with the cat. They believe she may have lived in a home before, but the shelter was unable to find any previous owners.
A year after adopting Cass, they welcomed a dog named Riley into their lives. Cass and Riley are still working on their interspecies communication, but Cass certainly makes her presence known when she thinks Riley is getting a treat and she isn’t. Cass is not only talkative but also incredibly sweet and goofy.
When they first got her, Cass would sleep with her face on Emily’s face every night, making breathing a challenge, but Emily wouldn’t have it any other way. Cass also has an affinity for shoes, perhaps because of the concentrated outside smells or her attachment to her humans.
One of Cass’s quirks is moving socks into her water dish, causing Emily to restrict water access in the bedroom due to frequently finding socks soaked up in the water. Cass is very attached to her humans, and Emily affectionately calls her “my little shadow.”
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