Sky, BT and EE customers could save hundreds with this broadband deal

BT. Sky. EE. If any of those names sound familiar – maybe because they’re emblazoned on your Wi-Fi router – you may want to check out Vodafone’s new broadband offer. It could potentially save you hundreds over the length of a typical two-year contract.

Vodafone uses the same Openreach-supplied fibre broadband as the other three providers, so why pay more for the same speed and service? As part of the Great British Broadband Switch you can get two years of 80MB Full Fibre 2 for just £27 per month. BT customers stand to make the biggest savings, with Voda’s package being more than £200 cheaper per year on average.

Does the maths check out? Vodafone’s package costs £648 over the course of two years, or £27 per month, with no installation fees. A BT Fibre 2 broadband and phone package typically costs £31.99 per month over the same two years – or £845.75. Both promise “up to” 80MB speeds and include a landline (if you even still bother with one these days).
With those sort of savings, you could splash out on one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems to banish internet black spots throughout your home – and still be quids in. The deal is especially good timing, as many broadband suppliers are gearing up to increase prices next month based on the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation. Just don’t forget Vodafone will do the same for this package in April 2025!
Vodafone’s £27 per month Full Fibre 2 package is available to order now, directly from Vodafone, or through the firm’s high street stores.
Fancy something a little nippier, and just have a few months remaining on your existing broadband deal? The firm’s Full Fibre 900 package costs from £39 per month for up to 910Mbps speeds, and Vodafone will give you up to £100 to cover early termination fees from your current broadband provider.

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