This Stylish Leica Q Underwater Housing Brings Luxury to the Seas

Leica Q3 owners are no longer relegated to capturing photos on dry land. Thanks to Sub13 Collective and its new underwater housing, the Leica Q3 can now safely go for a swim. Perhaps the best street photography camera ever, the 60-megapixel full-frame all-in-one camera sets photographers back a cool $5,995. Its fixed Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens is great for landscapes, portraits, and travel photography. Given its wide-angle focal length and fast aperture, it is also an intriguing lens for underwater photography. There is just one minor problem, though: the weather-sealed Q3 camera is definitely not waterproof.
That’s where underwater housings come in. Available for a wide range of enthusiast and professional cameras, underwater housings are specialty products that often compromise form in pursuit of function. The Sub13 Collective’s new Leica Q housing doesn’t give up anything regarding style. It very much looks the Leica part, complete with diamond-knurled dials, a simple shape, and a design that toes the line between classic and modern. It is a genuinely beautiful piece of camera gear, much like the Leica Q camera it aims to protect. The fully functional underwater housing is built to perfectly match the Leica Q2 and Q3 cameras. It includes water-sealed buttons on the top and back to operate the Q’s physical controls. It also includes a USB-C bulkhead that allows charging and image transfer without opening the housing. Constructed using solid titanium components and a CNC-machined aluminum body, the housing is rugged and durable. The optical glass dome for the lens promises “uncompromised clarity,” and the housing includes three mounting points for accessories. The Sub13 Collective’s Leica Q underwater housing is certified for recreational diving to depths of 40 meters (130 feet).
Sub13 Collective explains that more than 2,300 individual parts were designed and machined for its Leica Q housing production run. Each housing takes 10 hours to assemble. Shipped in a custom, dedicated Pelican case and individually numbered, the new underwater housing has already sold out in just a few days. Sub13 Collective is now accepting inquiries for a second production run, although the price isn’t immediately clear. Sub13 has previously launched a similar type of underwater housing for Leica M10 and M11 cameras, and that started at $6,950. It is reasonable to expect a similar price tag for the new Leica Q housing. Image credits: Sub13 Collective

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