The 4 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2024

Finding a vacuum for pet hair that can handle all the rigors of home life if you own pets can be challenging. 

Hair gets everywhere, and if you don’t have a vacuum that’s up to the challenge, you might find you’re spending as much time maintaining the product as you are using it or that you’re just not getting the performance you need to keep your floors and surfaces clean.

Several categories of vacuums are available, so I’ve picked out the best vacuums for pet hair that I’ve reviewed for each.

The Best Upright Vacuum – Shark APEX DuoClean Zero-M


DuoClean brush roll works well at picking up pet hair and litter scatter

Zero-M technology stops hair from wrapping around the brush roll

ActiveGlide helps maneuver the vacuum around the home


Not the lightest vacuum – it’s a workout to use it

Quite large – takes up a fair amount of storage space

No bag – so hard if you have a flea infestation

I’ve been using the Shark APEX Zero-M vacuum for a while now, and it’s really stood the test of time. One of its standout features is the Zero-M Technology, which helps prevent hair from getting tangled on the brush roll. While it’s worked well for me, results can vary among users.

What’s impressive is how well it handles pet hair and scattered litter across different floor types. Whether it’s hardwood, tile, or carpets, this vacuum handles everything without any trouble. Plus, the slider on the handle makes it easy to switch between floor types.

However, there are a few things to consider. While maneuverable, it feels a bit heavy, especially on bare floors.

On the positive side, the accessories it comes with—the crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and motorized pet tool—are pretty helpful and cover various cleaning needs. And the light is super-helpful for spotting pet hair that’s managed to find its way into different nooks and crannies.

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The Best Cordless Vacuum – Dyson V8 Animal


Super lightweight, so good for anyone with limited strength/mobility

Long pole makes it easy to reach high surfaces


Limited bin size – needs regular emptying

Battery won’t last for an entire home clean

Trigger-operated – no on/off option

Dyson is Shark’s main rival in the vacuum market, and their range of cordless stick products are some of the best you can buy. They aren’t as powerful as an upright model. Still, the Dyson V8 Animal has enough ‘oomph’ to pick up pet hair and other debris your cats are leaving scattered around.

The V8 Animal is a few years old now, and there are newer models you can buy. However, it’s still a great choice, and it means you aren’t paying top dollar, especially if you can find a refurbished second-hand model that’s been cared for and properly maintained.

It’s lightweight and easy to use, with flexible options – you can use the attachments with the long pole for reaching higher surfaces or remove the pole to convert it into a handheld vacuum perfect for the couch, the mattress, or anything else.

The bin size isn’t great, and the battery doesn’t last long, so if you’re trying to clean your whole home, you might need to pause to recharge it, which can take a while.

And there’s no on-off switch – a trigger operates it, so if you have arthritis or anything else that could cause your finger to hurt if held in one position, then it’s not the best choice.

If you have the budget, it’s an excellent choice for a secondary vacuum for spot-cleaning when you don’t want to break out the larger main vacuum. But if you’re hunting for a primary vacuum, consider whether the pros outweigh the cons.

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The Best Robot Vacuum – Uoni V980 Plus


Automated cleaning – needs minimal input from you

Control it from your smartphone

The mop function gives a light cleaning on hard floors


It can cause a mess when running automated programs if your cat vomits or has diarrhea.

Loud when self-emptying – could spook your pets.

The Uoni V980 is an excellent option if you want a robot vacuum. It’ll clean your floors, letting you control everything from your phone. You can set perimeters for it, so it only cleans where you want it to, and it even has a mop function that’ll give hard floors a light polish, too.

The problem with many robot vacuums is that they have a limited capacity, but the Uoni V980 gets around that by being a self-emptying model. This means it has a docking station with a bin – once the vacuum is full, it’ll return to the station, empty its contents into the bag in the bin, and then resume where it left off.

This process is loud, which is one of the drawbacks – your cats might get spooked by it, so be careful where you place it. You don’t want the docking station near a litter tray.

The docking station also serves as a recharging point, so the vacuum is quite self-sufficient. It’ll charge itself and empty itself, and all you need to do is change the back in the docking unit every 30 days or so.

While you can set the vacuum to run automatically, you do need to be careful with this. If your cat is unwell and has left any ‘mess’ in your home, the vacuum will drag it around the floor, making the problem much worse (and giving you the headache of cleaning the vacuum itself, too).

For that reason, stick to manual operation, especially since it’s only a tap of a smartphone to set it running.

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The Best Water Vacuum – Hyla EST


No filters to replace

Powerful cleaning, but easy to maintain

Also works as an air purifier


Not cheap – but a long-term investment

Bulky and heavy, especially when filled with water

Water vacuums aren’t as well-known as other types, but they’re some of the best – especially for tackling pet hair. The Hyla EST is one of the top options, offering powerful cleaning and an air purifier mode – ideal for tackling surfaces and capturing the fine particles kicked up into the air.

It works without physical filters and uses a water reservoir to trap dust and dirt. Fill it with water, switch it on, and it’ll get to work – sucking everything into the water where it’s trapped before the cleaned air is expelled.

This means it’s a vacuum you can rely on for the long term, and you don’t need to pay for replacement filters like you often would with other vacuums. It’s also easy to clean – use a scoop to grab any larger pet hair, throw it in the trash, and then pour the dirty water down the toilet.

It isn’t perfect – the high cost might put it out of reach for anyone on a budget, and once filled with water, it is one of the heaviest options to drag around, though the multi-directional wheels make it easier.

However, if you want effective cleaning for your home, and you’re happy to spend more to invest in a vacuum with a very long lifespan, it’s a really solid choice.

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Buy th Hyla EST

Which To Buy?

There’s no single answer on which is the best vacuum for pet hair in 2024 because it depends on the size of your home and your mobility.

The Shark APEX is a good choice for an all-round vacuum, whereas the Dyson V8 Animal is perfect for anyone who wants something lightweight or cord-free.

The Uoni V980 is also a great option if you don’t have the time to vacuum manually or struggle to use even a cordless stick model.

The Hyla EST is an excellent choice if you want a vacuum that offers deep cleaning and can help improve your home’s air quality. It is the most expensive option on this list, but it’s dependable and will likely last many years.

It is a lot of effort to use for spot cleaning, so if you can combine it with a handheld vacuum or even a cordless stick like the Dyson V8, then you’ll have the perfect pair, though if you only want one, the Hyla EST would be the better choice for tackling the whole home.

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