Fujifilm X100VIs are selling for a ridiculous markup: Digital Photography Review

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Less than a month after its announcement, the Fujifilm X100VI is in ridiculously high demand. The camera has already been back-ordered at B&H Photo and Adorama (the latter of which predicts a June restock date), and buyers and sellers are turning to eBay.
An eBay user known as elar-9021 briefly attempted to sell a “confirmed order” for a Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera for a whopping $18,000. As first reported by Fuji Rumors, the seller claimed to have purchased the camera from the Fujifilm House of Photography for a price censored out of the receipt.
The listing has since disappeared, but other sellers asking slightly more modest prices (in relative terms) are making actual sales. A search of sold items on eBay shows that, at the time of this writing, two cameras have sold for a price in excess of $4,000.

Completed eBay listings for the X100VI in limited edition and non-limited varieties.

Other sellers are trying to make a quick buck by selling the regular model for $3,000 or more (list price $1,599). Several claim that the camera is “in hand,” which is possible since the X100VI is now shipping in small batches.
We’ll likely never know the story of the $18,000 X100VI Limited Edition now that the profiteer seller has removed the listing. Your chance to pay a 1000% markup may be gone, but a 100% markup is still very much on the menu.

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