Homemade Cat Food – 3 DIY Recipes That Are Healthy for Cats!

Homemade Cat Food – 3 DIY Recipes That Are Healthy for Cats!
The type of proteins you use in your home-cooked cat food will depend upon what you discover your cat(s) preference is. It is important to have a variety of meats, so I often sub turkey, salmon, and rabbit when able.

If your cat is willing at some point to eat meat from raw chicken wings, rabbit, etc, that is ideal regarding needs for bone and gelatin. Some cats love this feeding method. My cat does not, so I use powdered.

Each kitty is unique and has its own opinion on its diet. 

I found a local farm just 2 hours from me that sells grass-fed, high omega 3 types of meat, and pet foods that ship overnight. And I found their prices to be reasonable. You will just need to do some research on your best local resources.

I love using short, wide, glass food dishes. They prevent whisker fatigue and are easy to clean. And I love the ones you have probably seen here on Floppycats.

After searching a bit further, I found another dish more in my budget at Petco which works great as well. By the way, with raw DIY cat food, it is very important to put your cat’s dish in the sink after feeding, and use a fresh dish for each meal.

I work from home now, which makes planning and prepping raw meals for my cat much easier. No matter your schedule, you can do this! I feed Baby 4 times a day, typically 4 hours apart.

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