WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, those weird looking neighbors are back. They’re hanging out in our driveway. And I think they’re talking about me. ELLIE:  Those aren’t the neighbors, Mr. Waffles. Those are DEER. And I don’t think they’re talking about YOU.DAISY DEER:  What the heck? There’s that orange cat again. DELILAH DEER:  He just sits there and stares at us. DAISY DEER:  I know. It’s very unsettling.DELILAH DEER:  Not to mention, impolite.DOLLY DEER:  Don’t worry ladies. He’s completely harmless. Probably a big chicken.WAFFLES:  They’re totally talking about me, Ellie. And chicken! They’re talking about chicken. I can read their lips.ELLIE:  Do deer even HAVE lips???DAISY DEER:  Do deer have LIPS??? Of COURSE, we have lips! What kind of lady deer do you think I am?! Just Another Day in the MountainsWith so much fresh snow on the ground, our resident deer have been making frequent visits looking for snacks. Believe it or not, Ellie and Waffles actually get more excited spotting a bird or a bug. But this herd of ladies definitely get their attention.It’s pretty fun sharing this beautiful canyon with the wildlife. We never get tired of seeing them.

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