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2023 was an amazing year to be a gamer in general.  While there were some good titles that came out that weren’t for PC, there were plenty that came out for PC as well such as Balder’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, The Last of Us, and many more.  With 2023 long in the rearview now, it is time to look ahead to 2024 and what it has to offer us PC gamers!AvowedI have talked about this title in previous blogs, but I am so excited for this game.  I think this title will be delayed into 2025, but a man can dream.  From Obsidian studios, the team who brought you “The Outer Worlds” and “Fallout: New Vegas”, are bringing you their take on the “Elder Scrolls” with Avowed and it really looks good.  From good combat and wild looking magic to very colorful worlds and a story that, they claim, has consequential choices based on what you decide to do.  I have been looking at this game ever since their announcement and have been happy with what I have seen so far, however I could see a lot of polish that is needed based on what has been showed, hence my opinion on it being pushed to 2025.  Also given the number of layoffs that have been happening in the games industry, I believe a lot of titles are going to be affected.  Be sure to check out the trailer here!Elden Ring: Shadow of the ErdtreeThis is a DLC, first and foremost, however it is highly anticipated given the massive success that Elden Ring was, and still is.  Set in an entire new land, the glimpse we received showed new bosses, enemy types, new areas of the land I previously mentioned and man – it was AMAZING!  This DLC comes out in June and you haven’t played Elden Ring, or if you have played it and not finished it, you have some time.  And…. We will get to experience Malenia’s brother, Miquella.  I cannot wait everyone; you have no idea.  Check out this god tier trailer here.Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake EaterI want to start by prefacing that I believe this game will be pushed to 2025, however I am a man of optimism.  Now, with that out of the way – yes.  While this isn’t my favorite entry in the MGS games (Sons of Liberty will always hold that spot), I am ecstatic about this getting remade because I miss these games and the wild story that comes with them.  Seeing as we haven’t had Solid Snake in our households since 2015, I cannot wait to experience this game in a reimagined light on a modern day gaming PC.  Check out the trailer here.Silent Hill 2 (Remake)I am skeptical about this remake, mostly because it is Konami, but Silent Hill has been one of the most requested titles to make a return in years.  Outside of pachinko machines we haven’t received a Silent Hill entry in years.  I still wonder what P.T. (Silent Hills) would have been because that took the gaming world by storm, and still does to this day.  However, last year Konami returned announcing several projects, one of them being a remake of Silent Hill 2.  Personally, I would have been more for a remake of the original, but beggars can’t be choosers.  From what I have seen so far, I am not too impressed, and along with my opinion on MGS, I believe this title will be pushed into 2025.  None the less, I will be playing this game when it releases to relive nostalgic times of my live through a remake.  Check out the trailer here.Until DawnThis game is not new, but it is coming to PC and you should definitely play it.  From the studio that made “The Quarry”, this title is an interactive story, but it is good!  I played this game on the PS4 when it came out and finished it in one night because I was hooked.  From jump scares to good actors, it has everything and it is finally making its way to PC.  The story and choices are what make this game, as everything you do has a consequence, and the slightest mistake can cost a character their life.  It also has some good psychological elements as well making you think and also making you face your fears.  Definitely check out the trailer here and consider picking this title up when it drops!Of course there are many more games coming this year, however these are some of the highlights (my opinion, of course) that are making their way to PC!  However, you need to be ready for when these titles drop, and us at AVADirect have you covered! Looking to get your first custom gaming PC, or update your current one?  Be sure to check out our Instabuilder for a simple checkout process by answering a couple questions regarding your PC needs and BOOM! You will have a PC configured for you.  You can also use our configurator or reach out to the sales team to assist you.  In a hurry?  Check out our prebuilt PCs, assembled, tested, ready to ship to you same day*!*Depending on processing time, most prebuilt gaming PCs ship same business day.

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