Nikon Rolls Out Firmware 5.0 for Z9 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon has recently released a firmware update for the Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera, which brings some exciting new features for both still image and video applications.
Firmware version 5.0 includes expanded sports photography and portrait functions, as well as support for new video features like tighter zoom control, custom menu organization, and varied playback speeds.
Image Credit: Nikon
The Nikon Z9 camera has been in the news lately since NASA selected it as their primary imaging platform for the upcoming Artemis Moon Missions.
While the NASA model will be modified to survive the rigors of spaceflight, the new firmware update has been released for the camera, providing photographers with more flexibility and features.
With the new 5.0 firmware, users can now expand auto-capture by setting the start time and duration, which can help maximize battery life.
Auto-capture can also now utilize the DX crop function and AF subject detection mode for shooting vehicles such as airplanes.

For sports photographers, the Z9 now offers high-speed frame capture, controlled bursts, and continuous image capture options.
Additionally, there’s a new high-frequency flick reduction function that optimizes shutter speeds to better synchronize the camera with flickering LED lighting.
Image Credit – Nikon
When shooting portraits, the Z9 now features Rich Tone Portrait Control that enables users to adjust images in-camera without the need for retouching.
Other portrait photography functions include skin softening and impression balancing, which can help improve the image and reduce post-processing.
Users can now more easily switch between photo and video mode with extended menu banks that allow for custom organization of favorite shooting functions into one main menu. The Z9 also offers expanded use of custom controls for even better control.
Image Credit – Nikon
In manual focusing mode, the Z9 now includes maximum aperture live view, which makes it easier to get a good subject focus and lock it into place.
While zooming in manual focus, users can now cancel a zoom by pressing the shutter release button halfway. The autofocus area can also display a green-colored bracket when the camera thinks the subject is in focus and a red bracket when it isn’t.
For video users, the new firmware allows for varied playback speeds on all videos by setting the original speed in the playback menu. Users can set the speed to full speed, 1/2 speed, or 1/4 speed before playing the video within the camera.
Finally, the Wi-Fi settings have been updated to connect to the SnapBridge app non-exclusively, maintaining the overall Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone.
SnapBridge has also been updated with a new Easy Shooting Setup that allows for remote configuration of the camera shooting settings.
The Nikon Z9 update is available now at the Nikon Z9 Download Center Website. The Update to SnapBridge is available through the iOS and Google Play App Store.
[source: Nikon USA]
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