Even RTX 40 Super cards are falling under RRP now

Germany RTX 40 Super cards are bringing plenty savings just three months after release
Updated: Mar 13, 2024 4:06 pm

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Table of Contents

A couple of German sites have noticed the trend in their retailer pricing for the newer range of Nvidia graphics cards. They have found that both the RTX 4070 Ti Super and 4070 Super are declining in price and even under the recommended retail price from launch.
Both PCGamesHardware and ComputerBase have reported on the pricing in the German market with the latest best GPUs from Nvidia. ComputerBase outlined the Euro pricing and how it is higher than USD even with the conversion due to the inclusion of tax. This means you can find the following cards at lower prices on the market compared to their launch price.

RTX 4070 Super: €659 RRP -> Now €589
RTX 4070 Ti Super: €889 RRP -> Now €840
RTX 4080 Super: €1,109 RRP -> Now €1,092

PNY RTX 4070 Super Verto pricing trend in Germany, source: PCGH
Why no one wants the new GPUs
The cards have gotten way too expensive for what’s on offer. We recently covered a look at what GPUs should cost and a look at their value proposition. There we see that especially compared to the last generation it’s just not much of a worthy improvement and cost-effective choice. Even with the promise of DLSS 3 and other features, it’s not a good enough promise.
There has been a drop in interest after the hype of the previous generation as well. There hasn’t been a great improvement over the previous and so a disappointment in what’s on offer has meant many have not bothered to keep up and get on the latest gen. Considering the lower end as well has been left behind with pricing and specs not up to par everyone has already moved on and even the Super refresh doesn’t bring enough excitement as they improve the value anyway.
At this point the RTX 50 series release and RDNA 4 are on the horizon many might have moved on already. But as inventory sits, retailers will want to sell them off as best they can so we do see the pricing falling with so many options across the board.

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