Kinefinity KineOS 7.3 Released – Save Up to $2,500 on MAVO Edge 8K and 6K at B&H

Kinefinity just rolled out a new firmware update for their MAVO Edge and mark2 cameras. KineOS 7.3 improves the playback interface, adds new frame line options, expands the available color temperature range, and more. It is now available to download for free.
Over the last four years, Chinese manufacturer Kinefinity has introduced 4 new camera models, including their flagship MAVO Edge 8K (our review here) and MAVO Edge 6K (our first impressions here) cameras as well as the MAVO mark2 LF and S35.
All of these cameras are fuelled by the KineOS software which is continuously being updated with new features. KineOS 7.1 introduced new full-frame and S35 anamorphic recording formats and ProRes 4444 Efficiency Mode, while, fairly recently, version 7.2 brought improved pre-roll, support for Active E-mount, and ExFAT file system. Now KineOS 7.3 takes the stage. Let’s take a quick look!
Kinefinity KineOS 7.3 firmware update. Image credit: Kinefinity
KineOS 7.3 for Kinefinity MAVO Edge and mark2 cameras
To start, KineOS 7.3 brings a breath of fresh air to the playback interface, offering more controls and options when reviewing clips. Newly added features include a clip timeline for scrubbing, adjustable playback speed and reverse play, as well as a clip list view to quickly browse through the footage you captured. Most of these functions are accessible using the cameras’ physical knob or touchscreen control.
Additionally, the cameras can now display 4 different frame lines simultaneously, offering more control when framing your shot for multiple deliverables. Moreover, new aspect ratios and scaling options for frame lines, including 0-100% scaling, have been added.
Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K. Image credit: Kinefinity
The new software also expands the color temperature range of the cameras from 2,800-7000K up to 2000-11,000K and also adds a new KC709 LUT that aims at improving color accuracy when monitoring the image. Four user-determined color temperature values can now be accessed via a quick menu, while auto WB is also more precise and now offers 10K accuracy.
KineOS 7.3 also brings a series of usability improvements, including a new Wi-Fi AP mode – which essentially allows your camera to act as a hot-spot -, in-camera clip recovery to fix damaged footage, and an electronic horizon level that can be displayed over SDI.
Kinefinity MAVO mark2 S35 (left) and LF (right) cameras. Image credit: Kinefinity
Finally, the MAVO Edge 6K and MAVO mark2 LF cameras get two new S35 4K modes for 4:3 (4096×3072) and 6:5 (4096×3432) recording, which can be pretty helpful when working with anamorphic lenses.

Price and availability
KineOS 7.3 firmware is now available to download free of charge from Kinefinity’s website. Moreover, B&H is currently offering a $2,500 discount on the MAVO Edge 8K and MAVO Edge 6K (Cyber Edition). Pricing is as follows:

MAVO Edge 8K – $11,999 $9,499 (savings: $2,500)
MAVO Edge 6K (Cyber Edition) – $10,499 $7,999 (savings: $2,500)
MAVO Edge 6K (Space Gray) – $9,999
MAVO mark2 6K LF (no lens mount) – $5,999
MAVO mark2 6K S35 (no lens mount) – $3,999

For the full KineOS 7.3 firmware release notes, please visit Kinefinity’s website here.
Do you own a Kinefinity camera? What do you think of the updates brought by KineOS 7.3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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