Electric Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Redefines High-Performance Driving With 1000hp of Power

In 2025, Mercedes-AMG is set to debut its inaugural performance electric vehicle, the AMG GT 4-door Coupe EV. Serving as an electrified counterpart to the Mercedes-AMG GT S E Performance, this upcoming model is anticipated to embody the pinnacle of AMG performance. Additionally, it will mark the premiere of the AMG.EA electric car platform, representing a newly engineered architecture designed specifically for electric vehicles by AMG.

🔥 SPOTTED – Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door hybrid! 🔥Mercedes’ upcoming petrol-electric sports car has been spotted during a cold-weather test! Expect a 0-60mph time of fewer than 3 seconds, as well as over 630hp!Once it’s unveiled, will this be THE ultimate hybrid? pic.twitter.com/nGgaOL3s5h— carwow (@carwowuk) February 20, 2020

Electric Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door

While AMG has previously enhanced the Mercedes EQE and EQS duo to produce high-performance, 53-badged sports saloons, the forthcoming model will depart from this approach. Unlike its predecessors, this new vehicle will be meticulously crafted as a dedicated performance car from the ground up. It is anticipated to prioritize dynamic performance and engagement, placing a strong emphasis on agility and handling in addition to straight-line speed.

The upcoming model will pioneer the utilization of a bespoke performance-oriented EV architecture called AMG.EA. Engineered to accommodate the low-slung, sleek silhouettes synonymous with AMG’s combustion sports cars, this innovative platform is tailored to deliver an electrifying driving experience that aligns seamlessly with AMG’s renowned performance standards.

Powertrain And Specifications

At the core of establishing this platform as a dedicated sports car architecture is the integration of cutting-edge electric motor technology from British firm Yasa, which was acquired by Mercedes in 2021. Yasa’s disc-shaped axial-flux units, to be mass-produced by Mercedes in Berlin, boast significantly higher power and torque-density figures compared to traditional radial-flux motors, making them pivotal in enhancing the performance capabilities of the vehicle.

Consequently, these motors offer the advantages of reduced weight, smaller footprint, and enhanced efficiency. While AMG has not disclosed specific details regarding the implications of this technology for its forthcoming production cars, Tim Woolmer, CEO of Yasa, confirmed to Autocar UK that one of the motors destined for a Mercedes production car generates 800Nm of torque and 486hp of power, all while weighing just 24kg.

Utilized as part of a twin-motor system, the axial devices are poised to deliver a substantial power increase over even the 760hp AMG EQS 53 4Matic, potentially reaching up to 1,000hp and 1,300Nm of torque. Interestingly, Mercedes’ recent concept, the One-Eleven, features both electric motors on the rear axle, indicating that four-wheel drive may not be a guaranteed feature for AMG’s next-generation sports cars.

Spy shots of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe abroad reveal that it will maintain the signature low-slung silhouette of its ICE-powered counterparts. Additionally, these images suggest that the EV will bear some resemblance to the motorsport-themed Vision 2025 concept showcased at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Mercedes further reveals that the upcoming electric saloon will boast an illuminated grille, redesigned headlamps, and a fresh star design adorning the bonnet. In addition, it will feature a retractable spoiler, flush door handles, and a split rear window.

Following the trend set by their Benz-badged counterparts, the next-generation AMG cars will adopt a bold cabin design anchored by a full-width high-definition screen, reminiscent of the Concept One-Eleven. Described as a four-seater, the 2025 saloon may accommodate larger successors with room for a third seat in the rear.

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