4 Tricks You Need to Know

There are always some hidden tricks for clever iPhone users to discover, and the iPhone shutter button is no exception.
Over the last couple of years, people have banded together to determine what combination of keys or buttons can unlock functionalities in their iPhones.
Among those little tricks, the iPhone shutter button can help you take photos or record videos a lot faster than you know.
So, today, I’ll share with you how to utilize the hidden features of the iPhone shutter button.

1. Record Videos in Photo Mode

We’re all used to just opening the camera application and snapping pics immediately, since it opens, by default, in the Photo mode.
For video recording, you have to tap or swipe to the video button and then record your scene.
However, there’s a neat trick for when you want to record an event quickly instead of photographing it. All you have to do is:

Open the Camera app on your iPhone – no need to switch out of the Photo mode.
To start recording the video, simply tap and hold the screen shutter button – the same one you use to snap pictures.
Once you do that, it’ll automatically start recording a video. You’ll notice a change in the interface as the camera starts rolling.
Keep holding the button for as long as you want to record.
To immediately stop recording, release the button.

This tap-and-hold method is ideal for capturing unexpected moments, ensuring you don’t miss anything because you get stuck shifting between two modes.

2. Snap Pics in Videos

Just like the previous option, there are moments when you’re recording a sweet moment but want to capture more – a quick picture, to be specific.
Some people tend to record the videos and take screenshots of their favorite moments later.
However, this can leave you with low-quality, often blurry, photos. So, here’s what you can do to avoid this issue:

Open the Camera application.
Switch to Video mode or Slo-mo, whichever you need for the moment.
Start recording your moments by pressing the big red record button.
Once the video starts, you’ll notice a smaller, white shutter button next to the red one.
While recording, start tapping away at the smaller white button to capture the pictures you want.

Now, there’s one tricky issue here: It doesn’t alert you to anything.
Once you tap the small shutter button, you won’t hear a sound or see any significant signs that you took pictures.
So, to stay on the safe side, take more than one. Also, the picture will be in the ratio the video is in. If you want to change that, you’ll have to switch the ratio from the beginning.

3. Burst Mode for Action Photos

Capturing wildlife, sport, or any type of dynamic scene can be really challenging as things can move too quickly.
You can end up with a blurry photo or entirely missing the shot.
This is why iPhones offer users the option to take more than one picture in rapid succession – aka, burst mode. Here’s how you can do this:

Again, open the Camera application and ensure it’s in the standard Photo mode.
To start the Burst mode, perfectly frame your subject, then swipe left on the capture button.
After that, your phone will automatically take a burst of photos at high speed – typically several frames per second.
The phone will continue taking pictures for as long as you’re holding the swipe.
Remove your finger from the screen to stop.

You can view the pictures later, grouped together under one photo. All you have to do is tap the picture to see the rest, select the ones you like, and discard the others to save space.

4. Volume Buttons As Shutter Buttons

There are moments when you’re holding the phone at an awkward angle and simply can’t reach the shutter button comfortably. What to do in these situations, you ask?
Follow the steps below:

Open the Camera application, and choose whether you want to take a photo or record a video. This trick can work on either one.
Frame your shot.
Press either the volume up button or the volume down one to capture.
For those of you recording a video, use the same button as a shutter release to stop the recording.

This method can be more comfortable for various individuals because it offers a firmer grip on the phone with a physical shutter button.
For example, when taking a selfie or a family photo, reaching for the volume button can feel more natural and less shaky. Give it a try!

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