Apple reportedly drops order for next-gen Watch Ultra microLED displays

The Apple Watch Ultra has been rumored to get an upgraded microLED display for a over a year now but alleged production issues have seen the time frame extended to 2027. In a new development, Apple has reportedly canceled a major microLED order with Austrian firm ams-Osram which is speculated to be for the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra 3.

Osram did not confirm that Apple was the client that backed out of its major microLED deal but it did share that “a cornerstone project underpinning its microLED strategy got unexpectedly canceled, triggering the company to re-assess its microLED strategy” in a dedicated press release.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo chimed in and confirmed that Apple has canceled its microLED Apple Watch project with Osram. Kuo also shared that Apple has scrapped all of its projects involving microLED displays on the basis that the display tech will not add significant value to its products. Apple also reportedly deemed the microLED production costs too high to be economically viable.

There are some doubters though as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that ams-Osram was just one of Apple’s microLED suppliers and he suggests that the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra is still on track to get the updated display tech. Apple has been rumored to slowly switch to microLED displays across its device portfolio with the Apple Watch being first, followed by the iPad, iPhone and eventually MacBook.

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