Zumalka Pet Product Review 2024: An Expert Guide

Our Final Verdict
We give Zumalka products an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Effectiveness: 4.8/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 4.8/5
Value: 4.7/5

Zumalka Pet Products by HomeoAnimal was established over 10 years ago to help pet parents find natural products that keep their animals as happy and healthy as possible. All of their natural homeopathic remedies for cats and dogs are made with premium ingredients and can be used as an alternative to vet-prescribed medication.
I received the CALMPET- Advanced kit for my older Border Collie mix, Halle. She struggles with high anxiety, which causes her to shake, sweat, and pant constantly in most situations. It is the worst in car rides, leaving her home alone with her furry pal for a couple of hours, or when we have people over. My partner and I want what is best for her and for her to be as comfortable as possible.
Our vet recommended putting her on human antidepressants or anxiety medication and I said theres no way. It seemed like a weird solution to a problem that had to have a natural remedy. So I tried Zumalka set with TONICPET#4 and #6 and CALMPET Spray to help her nervous system, calm her anxieties, and promote her overall mental and physical health.

At a Glance: What We Reviewed

About Zumalka

Who Makes Zumalka and Where is it Produced?
Zumalka is a HomeoAnimal company based in Quebec, Canada. They promote homeopathic remedies for pet ailments and improve the general health of dogs and cats. They were co-founded over 10 years ago by Suzie who is a Homeopath herself. She runs Zumalka with the help of Denyse, an Alternative Medicine Therapist, and Dominika, a Homeopath. All of the Zumalka central figures believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and are all deep animal lovers.
Their site allows you to shop by concern, if you have a dog or a cat, or by specific product so you can choose what natural remedy is the best for your pet. There is also lots of well-kept information regarding immunity, skin, heart, and digestive system health, and more to help you understand what is going on with your pets’ ailments or conditions.
Which Types of Pets Is Zumalka Best Suited For?
Zumalka pet products cater to both dogs and cats. You can easily find remedies for both animals, depending on what your concern is. I highly recommend searching by ailment or health condition before anything else.

CALMPET- Advanced Kit Breakdown

I received the Zumalka CALMPET- Advanced Kit to help Halle breathe a little better, pant less, and feel less anxious naturally. Below is what you can expect if you choose this kit:
The active ingredients in the CALMPET Spray include Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica, Arnica, Solidago, and more. Now I don’t know what any of these ingredients are but I do know that they are natural ingredients that come from plants that are commonly seen in homeopathic remedies. The TONICPET #4 includes only Ferrum Phophoricum and Lactose. The first is a compound that is considered an outstanding tissue salt in the Homeopathic remedy community. It can help strengthen the cell walls of blood vessels and increase oxygen circulation in the body. TONICPET #6 includes Kali Phosphoricum and Lactose. The first ingredient is a remedy that can help manage a lack of nerve power, lessen muscle weakness, and is a common remedy for anxiety and depression. All ingredients are non-toxic, natural, and approved by Health Canada which is equivalent to the FDA in the U.S.
What to Expect
You can speak with a homeopathic remedy expert on their site and they can help you find the right products for you and your pet or you can search by whatever ailment your pet is experiencing. I went with the expert route and was directed to the “CALMPET – Advanced” kit to help with Halle’s anxiety, oxygen circulation, and nervous behaviors.
The two TONICPET solutions in the kit come in small pill form. Depending on the size and weight of your dog or cat, the back of the bottle will tell you how many tablets to give them and how many times a day. For Halle, who weighs in right at fifty (50) pounds, I gave her 2 pills from both TONICPET #4 and #6 twice a day. That’s eight (8) pills a day given to Halle together every single day. It is recommended to give the products together in a single dose as the products in the kits are meant to complement each other and optimize the results.
Honestly, when I first read those instructions I thought that was quite a bit – eight pills a day! But Zumalka claims to have helped thousands of pets with their health, so trust the process. I gave Halle all four pills every morning and night with a partial spoonful of peanut butter. After about a week I did start noticing a difference in Halle’s panting – especially on car rides. So I have continued to give her the pills in the mornings and before bed and then I only use the spray if we have people over, getting into the car to hit the trails, or when we’re going to the dog park. With the CALMPET spray, you can spray in their water, on their food, or directly into their mouth. Halle did not enjoy the third option, so I opted for spraying it in her water.

Variety of Remedies
On the Zumalka site, there is a plethora of information and products all designed to better your dog or cat’s overall health so that they can heal their own bodies. You can search for products based on your pet’s ailment, if they are a dog or a cat, or if you’re looking for a specific ingredient or product. They have sprays and pills that help everything from improving joint and bone health to minimizing tumors. Their inventory is impressive and has something for all dog and cat owners.
Zumalka’s natural remedies are not the cheapest option, but I don’t think they are overpriced either. If you have ever had a vet bill, which if you are reading this review I am sure you have, you know that shots, pills, IVs, or whatever form of medication is required are not cheap. In fact, they are likely way more expensive than any natural remedy that Zumalka has to offer. I will also always prefer to give my dogs something non-toxic and natural rather than medication from the vet – especially after seeing the benefits of these products.

Reviews of Zumalka Products
1. CALMPET Spray

The CALMPET Spray can be used with their water, or food, or sprayed directly into their mouth. The ingredients work to promote a sense of serenity. I only use it when Halle is about to be in a difficult situation like being in the car, being separated from me, or when there are lots of dogs or people around. It is ideal for dogs that have a lot of fear, anxiety, hypersensitivity to noises, separation anxiety, etc.

Increase calm behavior
Promotes a balanced nervous system
Natural ingredients
Can be used for dogs or cats

Some dogs may not enjoy spraying into their mouths


This is a natural and non-toxic product that supports immune system health and increases healthy oxygen circulation throughout the body. I don’t like how many pills I have to give her every day, but in conjunction with the TONICPET #6, this has helped with Halle’s continuous panting. She also seems more at ease when I leave the house.

Has lessened panting in the car and on walks
Seemingly has increased sense of calmness
Non-Toxic Ingredients

Pills have to be given twice a day, every day
Larger dogs require more than 1 pill


These little white pills are also natural and non-toxic and are filled with a strong tonic that nourishes Halle’s nerve cells so that her nervous system can continue to be in balance. Again, I wish I was giving her fewer pills every day. But alongside TONICPET#4 it has promoted a better sense of calmness. I’ve noticed less panting, shaking, and sweaty paws.

Lessened shaking from anxiety
Lessened sweaty paws from anxiety
All natural ingredients found in plants and minerals

2 pills are required every morning and night until symptoms disappear

Our Experience With Zumalka Products
Halle was diagnosed with severe general anxiety over a year ago by our local vet. This made sense to my partner and I given her symptoms. She will pant non-stop in car rides, long or short, she will shake uncontrollably when surrounded by new people or other dogs. She gets especially nervous around small children and their unpredictable movements and will show us her unease with sweaty paws. Sometimes Halle’s anxiety will get so bad that she will freeze in a spot and simply pee herself then lay in it, attempting to cover up her mess. As she gets older it only seems to worsen with more accidents, more pants, and more shakes.
Our vet recommended putting her on a human antidepressant medication to help with her growing anxiety. We promptly refused, it seemed a little ridiculous to me to give Halle something like Prozac. I wanted a natural solution for her. I have been using CBD oils and treats every day to help with her anxiety, which seems to be treating the symptoms well.
I heard about Zumalka homeopathic pet remedies and thought I’d give it a try. They had kits to treat severe anxiety and a staff that was well-versed in, not only Zumalka products but homeopathic treatments for pets in general. I was recommended the CALMPET – Advanced kit by their team. This included the CALMPET Spray, the TONICEPET #4 and #6.
I was shocked they wanted me to give my 50-pound Border-Collie Mix eight pills a day! That seems like a lot to me. Granted, the pills themselves are tiny – but still. Halle wouldn’t eat her food with the pills crushed and mixed in as they recommend on their site. So I hid them in a partial scoop of peanut butter and mixed that in with her food. Worked like a charm!
A week and a half passed and my partner and I both noticed that her panting in the car on our way to a hiking trail one day was gone. She was silent in the back, watching the scenery through the window. On the car ride home, she was quietly sleeping in the backseat – this is unheard of for Halle. Her anxiety in the car normally would never let her be so comfortable.
Additionally, since we started giving her the pills she has yet to have an accident. Her shaking when we come home after leaving her with her doggy sister, Indy, during the day seems to have also lessened. In other words, I think it is working! We try not to use the spray much since it directs you to only use it as needed. We have used it maybe 2-3 times before we leave the house and haven’t noticed it makes too much of a difference. But in general, she does seem more at ease. We plan to continue to use the pills and hope that this kit will remedy her anxiety and she can continue to live her healthy, stress-free life!

As someone who always opts for a natural solution for the health of my family, my dogs, and myself I would recommend Zumalka products. After only a week and a half of continued use, I have noticed a difference in Halle’s demeanor. She seems more at ease, is having fewer accidents, and is panting less in stressful environments – like in the car. I think their products are reasonably priced and you seem to get a lot for your buck.
My only complaint is how many pills I am directed to give Halle morning and night. But that is a small complaint when the little white pills seem to be working and offering Halle a better way to live out her years.
If you’re curious about homeopathic remedies to improve your dog’s or cat’s health I hihgly recommend trying out the Zumalka products.

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