Waffles and Mr. Two O’Clock

ELLIE:  Hi everybuddy, Ellie here! Today the deer family came by for a visit. It was getting kind of dark so Glogirly didn’t get any pictures of them, but she SWEARS that one of the deer was an old friend of Mr. Waffles. The deer came right up to the window to get a closer look at him and it totally reminded Glogirly of Mr. Two O’Clock, who came by to visit during the pandemic. I wasn’t even born yet, but Katie was here to see the whole thing. We thought you might like to read the story again!  WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Your 2:00 is here. KATIE:  My what???WAFFLES:  Your 2:00. He’s right here waiting outside the office door. Don’t you have a meeting?KATIE:  Uh, NO. Just like everyone else, we’re working from home. So if some guy is showing up here for a meeting, he better go home and zoom us, or skype us, or something. MR. TWO O’CLOCK:  Zoom??? Skype??? What the heck does that mean? I’m here for snacks, not some zoomy-skypey thing.KATIE:  Don’t feed the interlopers, Waffles.WAFFLES:  I think he likes me, Boss. Did you see his shoes?! MR. TWO O’CLOCK:  Shoes??? Who ARE these clowns?WAFFLES:  Yup, he totally likes me.Oh, DEER!We were all hanging out in the office today when all of a sudden, a young deer just walked right up to the door. He was super curious and was completely fascinated with us. He especially had eyes for Waffles. He must have stayed by the door for 30 minutes. If we had opened it, (which we NEVER would) he’d have walked right in.Hopefully, Mr. Two O’Clock hasn’t been given food by any humans, but we’re afraid he maybe has considering how brave and tame he seemed to be. We have a very strict do-not-feed-the-wildlife rule here. Except for the hummingbirds. The sweet, sugar-water bar is always open for them.

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