Tilta Camera Cages Announced for Sony BURANO

Tilta announces three new cage kits made for the Sony BURANO. The modular cages are accompanied by a new rotatable EVF bracket, V-Mount and Gold Mount battery plates, and a new extension plate. They are also compatible with a plethora of other Tilta products.Accessory manufacturer Tilta has released new modular cages for the Sony BURANO camera. The BURANO represents the more compact end of Sony’s CineAlta line. It is also the first CineAlta to support in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and subject-tracking autofocus when using E-Mount-compatible lenses, which trickled up from the company’s hybrid cameras. The new cages complement the BURANO by being relatively compact and streamlined, while including a multitude of mounting options, as expected from a professional cage. The Tilta BURANO cages come in three different flavors. The difference is cumulative, as each one builds upon the same core by incorporating additional accessories. One may also purchase several different accessories and put together a custom solution that best serves one’s needs. Full Camera Cage Plus for Sony BURANO – The Basic“Full Camera Cage Plus for Sony BURANO” is quite a title for the most basic kit. Then again, it does include various abilities and mounting options. At the core, we’ll find the Full Camera Cage. The cage consists of top and bottom plates, two side brackets, two 15mm rod mounts, one on the bottom plate and one independent (with two rod attachment points on each). The independent rod mount can be mounted on the top plate or the side bracket of your choice. There’s also a newly designed side mounting plate, a pair of 15*200mm black aluminum rods, and the Sony Venice top handle. The top plate is also compatible with the original BURANO top handle, as well as other Tilta or third-party handles. Basic Kit with EVF Bracket mounted. Image credit: TiltaCamera Cage for Sony BURANO Basic Kit – adds the EVF bracketDon’t let Tilta’s weirdly misleading naming scheme confuse you. The “Basic Kit” is actually the second tier in this hierarchy. Identical to the aforementioned “Cage Plus”, this one adds the Rotatable EVF Bracket for Sony BURANO. No elaborate introduction is necessary for this bracket, as it precisely delivers on its promise: mounting the EVF on a rotatable bracket for easy screen or viewfinder filming.EVF bracket. Image credit: TiltaCamera Cage for Sony BURANO Advanced Kit – top-of-the-lineThe “Camera Cage for Sony BURANO Advanced Kit” sits atop the two other kits by adding the newly designed battery plate in either V-Mount or Gold Mount. Both mount options also include a 6-Pin LEMO DC Input (12V-28V), one P-Tap Port (14.8V 3.8A), one USB-C Port ( PD3.1 65W ), a 3-Pin Fischer Lemo (24V 3 A), another 3-Pin Fischer Lemo (14.8V 3.8 A), and one 2-Pin Lemo (14.8V 3 A). This array provides multiple power options. All kits will include an Allen wrench and a Tilta Multi-Functional Mini Tool Kit. Battery plate, Image credit: TiltaBattery plate, Image credit: TiltaBattery plate, Image credit: TiltaAlternative BURANO cagesOther manufacturers also offer some options for the BURANO crowd, be it rental houses or owner-operators. One is ARRI, unsurprisingly offering the pricier option with the ARRI Pro Cine Set for Sony BURANO. This will set you back around $3,270 while omitting a battery plate. It will, however, provide the highest level of German craftsmanship. Another option comes from Wooden Camera with their Elite Accessory System for Sony BURANO, priced at $2349. This makes Tilta’s offering pretty appealing, costing much less while providing additional features – namely the battery plate. Image credit: TiltaPrice and availabilityThe Tilta BURANO Camera Cages and accessories are available for preorder on Tilta’s website and are now offering a launch sale with a 10% discount. The Full Camera Cage Plus is priced at $639.- ($593.- on sale). The Basic Kit will set you back $699.- ($629.- on sale), and the Advanced Kit will go for $1159.- ($1043.- on sale). The Rotatable EVF Bracket for Sony BURANO will retail for $89.- (now for $80.-), and the battery plate will be $489.- (now for $440.-). So will you try the new Tilta BURANO cages? Which kit will you choose, and why this one? Let us know in the comments.

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