Think Tank’s Updated Memory Card Wallets Protect Your Precious Photos

Coincidentally, less than a day after PetaPixel‘s editor-in-chief Jaron Schneider touted the benefits and quality of his trusted Think Tank’s Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card holders in an internal Slack chat, Think Tank has announced an across-the-board update to its Pocket Rocket memory card and battery wallets products. What has long been good now promises to be even better, as Think Tank has upgraded its Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card cases and Battery Holders with new fabric, new colors, and more size options. The memory card wallets come in nine unique sizes and are designed with the latest memory card formats, like CFexpress Type A and Type B cards, in mind. The Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket V2, for example, fits six CFast or CFexpress Type B cards or a dozen SD or CFexpress Type A memory cards. The Pixel Pocket Rocket in Marine Blue connected to a camera bag. There’s also a brand-new size, the Secure Pixel Pocket Mini, which holds four CFast or CFexpress Type B cards or six SD or CFexpres Type A cards.
The Pixel Pocket Rocket V2 — note the lack of “Secure” in the product name — holds 10 CFast or CFexpress Type B cards and has a zippered slot for microSD cards. The Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket Mini in Black Slate A new Cards and Power holder is built for storing extra cards and batteries. It holds a pair of CFexpress Type B cards or four SD or CFexpress Type A cards alongside two standard DSLR or mirrorless camera batteries. The Battery Holder 2 and Battery Holder 4 are for people who just want to secure and organize extra batteries. As their names allude to, they hold two and four standard camera batteries, respectively. The new Cards and Power wallet holds memory cards and standard camera batteries. It is shown here in the “Chili Pepper” red colorway. So, what does “Secure” mean in the revised Pixel Pocket Rocket product lineup? There are a few important differences between the Pixel Pocket Rocket V2 and the Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket V2. The two products are roughly the same size, about five inches wide, slightly under two inches tall, and approximately an inch deep, and the “Secure” model costs just a dollar more. However, they differ in terms of carrying capacity. The standard Pixel Pocket Rocket V2 card holder can store 10 CFexpress Type B cards versus six for the Secure model. This is because the standard version is a folding wallet that keeps cards secure by essentially hugging them inside a Velcro wallet.
The Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket V2 has zippered compartments to store and protect memory cards. The Secure card wallet looks nearly identical from the outside, and also closes using Velcro, but each card compartment is a zippered pocket. Secure in this context means that there are zippers. The zippers occupy space, so the Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket V2 holds fewer cards. In any event, Think Tank’s Pixel Pocket Rocket card wallets have long been an excellent solution for photographers with many memory cards in their kit. The wallets have durable, weather-treated double ripstop material, a removable security lanyard and belt attachment, and have see-through walls inside to let photographers view their stored cards at a glance. The Pixel Pocket Rocket can attach to a photographer’s belt. Memory cards are among a photographer’s most important pieces of equipment. After all, what’s more important than photo and video files? Photographers should ensure they protect their essential cargo. The updated Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket wallets and battery holders come in numerous colors, including blue, orange, green, red, and black. Specific color options vary by selected model. Prices range from just over $10 to $23.75. Complete details and purchasing information are available on Think Tank Photo’s website.
Image credits: Think Tank Photo

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