RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2024 People’s Choice Voting Open Now

You decide! Stunning photos shortlisted for the RSPCA competition
A cat captured mid-yawn, a dancing bug, a nosey Dartmoor pony and a dog napping in a pile of teddies are just some of the lovely and hilarious images up for deliberation in the People’s Choice category of the prestigious RSPCA Young Photographer Awards.

Online voting is now open for the public to choose their favourite animal photo in the category.
Fourteen animal images taken by talented youngsters aged from six to 18 have been shortlisted for the RSPCA’s photography competition and the winner will be decided by votes cast online by members of the public.
The shortlisted photos are;

Shake it Off by Violet Brown, aged 12, from Sussex with a picture of Marley the dog shaking himself off after a dip in the creek.

Yawning Cat by Yiyi Poulopoulou, aged 15, from Cheshire featuring a cat captured mid-yawn whilst enjoying the sunshine.

A Hidden Spot by Bella Pharo, aged 13, from London, featuring Maine Coon cat Jack peeking out from one of his tunnels.

Diggity Dog by Eilidh Shannon, aged 12, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, featuring dog Lexie digging at the beach.

Tall and Proud by Rebekah Wellby, aged 14, from Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, featuring Charlie, a rescue cockerel who is full of personality.

Dreamy Dally by Lily Logan, aged 13, from East Yorkshire, featuring her dog Rupert enjoying a nap.

Nosey Pony also by Eilidh Shannon, aged 12, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a hilarious picture of a Dartmoor pony’s nose.

How Rude by Eilidh Shannon, aged 12, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which shows cheeky dog Lexie sticking her tongue out.

Leap Frogs by Sophie Green, aged 18, from Northumberland, showing dogs Pepper and Mabel caught in action leaping over a fence.

Parkour, also by Sophie Green, 18, featuring Pepper the dog indulging in a bit of rock climbing at the beach.

I Spy With My Little Eye by Alfie Woodfine, aged six, from Berkshire, with dog Petal snoozing in a pile of her favourite soft toys.

Alpacas Under the Viaduct by Corina Southern, aged 13, from Greater Manchester, featuring a surprising find of an alpaca trotting out to see them on a walk.

Highland Cow by Emilia Narkevic, aged 13, from Kent, featuring a cow enjoying a leafy snack.

Dancing Bug by Erin Shepherd, aged 17, from Nottinghamshire, with a close-up shot of an insect lifting up its leg as though dancing.

In December last year, the overall winners of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2023 were announced after being judged by a panel of photographic experts including RSPCA president Chris Packham and industry professionals.
Part two of the competition, the People’s Choice Award, is now live (March 2024). A special online poll enables people to pick their winning photo from a selection of images that entered the Mobile Phone and Devices category featuring three age groups of Under 12s, 12-15s and 16-18 year olds; as well as from the Pet Personalities and Pet Portrait categories.

RSPCA photographer and awards judge, Andrew Forsyth, said: “We love this part of the awards as it gives the public the chance to get involved and pick their favourite photo. We’ve got some funny, sweet and stunning photos shortlisted and we’re excited to share them. I can’t wait to see the winning photo!
“The photos shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award this year showcase some incredibly feel-good images and a range of animals from pets, farm animals to insects. This is a fantastic selection that is bound to make you laugh and say “aww” out loud – so please get voting!”
The winner of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards People’s Choice category will receive £100 worth of Amazon vouchers and an RSPCA Young Photographer Awards trophy.
Voting will be open for one week from Tuesday, 5 March (today) closing on Tuesday, 12 March, here: The winner will be announced on the RSPCA’s Facebook page on Thursday, 14 March.
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the RSPCA and as it celebrates such an important milestone, the charity is preparing for this year’s Young Photographer Awards which will launch
on Tuesday, 7 May and is set to be bigger and better than ever.
Andrew added: “We’d urge all budding young photographers to please keep an eye out for the opening of submissions to the competition this year, or you can register your interest now at [email protected] and we’ll send you full information when we launch.
“Reaching our 200th-year is a significant achievement and events like the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards – which shows not only young people’s outstanding photography skills but also a deep love and respect for the animal kingdom – makes us incredibly hopeful that every animal will be protected and cared for over the next 200 years as well.”
Entries for the main RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2024 will open on Tuesday, 7 May. For more information visit:
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