Rescued Beaver Builds A Dam In The Hallway To Keep New Roommate Out

Last May, Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, welcomed Nibi, a young beaver, after efforts to reunite her with her family fell short. Quickly, Nibi captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter, which aimed to rehabilitate and eventually release her back into the wild.

Nibi enjoyed her unique status as the center’s sole beaver, relishing in her personal space. However, her solitary life changed when the shelter introduced another young beaver, Ziibi.
Ziibi, described as “somewhat shy” and “very gentle,” failed to win over Nibi. Despite the shelter’s hope that the two orphaned beavers would bond, tension ensued. Nibi exhibited aggression towards Ziibi, evidently displeased with sharing her space.

The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue noted Nibi’s territorial behavior, stating, “Beavers can be very territorial and aggressive with newcomers so we are going very slow with these two.”
The rivalry escalated when Nibi took a distinctly beaver-like approach to exclude Ziibi permanently. The shelter recounted that Nibi, rewarded with solo time for her improved behavior towards Ziibi, exploited this opportunity to ensure Ziibi couldn’t return—by constructing a dam to block the door.
The footage of Nibi’s dam-building went viral, amassing over 10 million views on Facebook, amusing viewers with her determination to maintain solitude.

This display of instinctual behavior, even in captivity and without family guidance, captivated many. Jane Newhouse, the shelter’s founder, commented to KENS 5 about beavers’ natural inclinations, “It’s so ingrained in them they’ll take anything.”

Despite the current strife, the rescue remains hopeful that Nibi and Ziibi will forge a bond, emphasizing the importance of their relationship for successful rehabilitation.

“If they are both raised alone, they are more apt to bond with people or become socially inept in the wild,” the shelter explained. They’re committed to fostering a positive relationship between the beavers to enhance their chances of thriving in the wild.
Recently, there’s been a slight improvement in their relationship. The rescue shared that Nibi and Ziibi are now “tolerating” each other and can share a space without conflict, although they’re closely monitored to prevent any altercations.
As these beavers continue their journey towards rehabilitation, the hope remains that they will overcome their differences and successfully reintegrate into their natural habitat together.

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