March 2024 Giveaway: PawSwing Pet Hair Remover Tool

March 2024 Giveaway: PawSwing Pet Hair Remover Tool
Features of the PawSwing Pet Hair Removal Tool

The PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer features an adjustable front entrance through which your cat passes and gets groomed with the six tender, whisker-like comb units. There is a little step attachment that makes it easier for your cat to get in and out.

Depending on the cat’s size, you can make the entrance smaller or bigger. It starts at the widest setting, and you can slowly work your way down to the narrower options.

That way, your cats can get a deeper brush but will not be intimidated by it from the get-go as they ease into the process gradually. That also means that if you have cats that are on the skinnier side, you can adjust it down to a narrow option for them to make it a perfect fit from day one.

The key feature is the automatic treat dispenser that dispenses multiple treats every time and keeps cats returning to the groomer for more treats. You can adjust the frequency and number of treats it drops at a time.

You can also charge the dispenser, and it will tell you how many times your cat has entered the groomer, allowing you to keep track of the grooming sessions.

A 360-degree installation of combs throughout the entrance of the groomer mimics the shape, feel, and functionality of a cat’s tongue as they lick themselves. Combined with their favorite snacks, it makes the grooming experience much more relaxed and fun.

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