Quasar Science Ossium Ladder Kit for Rainbow LED Pixel Tubes Launched

Quasar Science recently launched a new rigging solution for their Rainbow LED pixel tubes: the Ossium Ladder kit. This ladder consists of a top bar with four wires and 32 adjustable light mounts so that you can attach up to 16 fixtures to it. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting ladder rigging solution!
The Quasar Science Rainbow 2 RGBX LED pixel tubes were introduced back in March 2022 in three different lengths: 2’/60cm, 4’/120cm, and 8’/240cm, with one single row of 10, 24 or 48 pixels, respectively. The company simultaneously introduced the Double Rainbow, available in 2’/60cm and 4’/120cm, that features two rows of pixels for 20 or 48 pixels. If you missed it, you can watch our review of the Quasar Science Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow here.
To rig the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow, Quasar Science developed the Ossium ecosystem. The Ossium mounts consist of shells, banks, magnets, rotators, baby pins, etc. During the BSC Show in London, Quasar Science introduced a new rigging solution that could be handy for virtual production configurations: the Ossium Ladder Kit.
Quasar Science Ossium Ladder Kit. Image credit: Quasar Science
Quasar Science Ossium Ladder Kit – features
The Quasar Science Ossium Ladder Kit is a rigging solution for up to 16 Rainbow 2 RGBX LED tubes. Please note that it is also compatible with other T12-standard LED tubes, such as the Quasar Science Crossfades tubes, but you’ll need optional Ossium T12 tube clips.
The width of the Ossium Ladder Kit is adjustable. Image credit: Quasar Science
The kit consists of 32 ladder brackets, four 8’/2.43m ladder cables, an adjustable lift bar, and a hex wrench set. The width of the Ossium Ladder Kit is adjustable to fit 2’/60cm, 4’/120cm, and 8’/240cm Rainbow 2 or Double Rainbow fixtures.
With a total height of 2.66m/105in and a weight of 8kg/17.6 lbs (without any fixture), the Ossium Ladder Kit is clearly designed for larger studios.
Double Rainbow tubes attached to the Ossium Ladder kit. Image credit: Quasar Science
To adjust the position of the ladder bracket on the cables, all you have to do is unscrew one knob at the bottom of the bracket. Each LED tube attaches to the bracket via two 1/4″-20 screws.
Price and availability
The Quasar Science Ossium Ladder Kit is available now for $3,250.
For more information, please visit Quasar Science’s website.
What do you think about this rigging solution for the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow RGBX LED tubes? Have you already shot with Quasar Science lights? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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