Nikon adds Easy Shooting Setup to SnapBridge app: Digital Photography Review

Nikon has updated its SnapBridge remote control and image transfer app, adding an “Easy Shooting Setup” option that sets up a camera to suit a series of common shooting situations. This function works with the company’s entry and mid-level cameras, from the Z30 up to the Zf.
The ‘Easy Shooting Setup’ button only appears in the app when it’s paired with a camera that supports the function. It lets you select from subject types such as people, landscape or pets, then, through options for out-of-focus-background and motion-blur lets the user set the aperture and shutter speed. These settings are then sent to the camera, leaving it set-up and ready to go.

Press Release:
Nikon SnapBridge Update:
SnapBridge is Nikon’s companion Android and iOS app that connects to your camera to automatically download photos and videos, and remotely activate the shutter. Now with Ver.2.11.0, SnapBridge adds new functions such as Easy Shooting Setup, which allows users to configure camera shooting settings suited to a particular scene or subject directly from a user’s smart device1.
The new Easy Shooting Setup function can be used by tapping [Easy Shooting Setup]2 in the SnapBridge camera tab, selecting a main subject or situation, and deciding output parameters, such as having a soft out-of-focus background or motion blur. It allows even those who are unsure about camera functions and terms to easily create camera shooting settings that achieve desired results. Settings are applied the moment they are sent to the camera, allowing users to immediately begin capturing their vision. Easy Shooting Setup also provides tips for available scenes and subjects such as people, landscapes and pets to help users better achieve the intended results. Furthermore, favorite shooting settings can be assigned to one of the user setting positions3.
Supported operating systems:

Android™ (version 10 or later), iOS (version 15.7 or later)
Cameras that support Ver.2.11.0’s Easy Shooting Setup:
Nikon Z f, Nikon Z 5, Nikon Z fc, Nikon Z 50 and Nikon Z 30
The NX Ready app available in some regions will be discontinued with the release of SnapBridge Ver.2.11.0.
1. The SnapBridge app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play™ and App Store®. See Nikon’s website for further information.
See Google Play™ for Android™ device system requirements. See the App Store® for iOS device system requirements. There is no guarantee that this app will run on all devices.
2. Not displayed if the camera with which the smart device running SnapBridge is paired does not support Easy Shooting Setup.
3. Z 50, Z 30, and Z 5 only (as of March 13, 2024).

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