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Marketed as the world’s first cat food made with cats’ most natural prey, Mouser is a canned cat food brand that features mice as a primary ingredient. Mouser cat food is certainly unique, but is it the right option for your cat?
In this review, we’ll dive deep into the Mouser cat food brand to assess whether its products are a biologically appropriate choice for cats.


Species-Appropriateness – 5/5
Ingredient Quality – 5/5
Product Variety – 3/5
Price – 1/5
Customer Experience – 4/5
Recall History – 5/5

Overall Score: 3.8/5

In total, we give Mouser cat food a 23 out of 30 rating.
Why Trust
Before ordering Mouser products for testing, I gathered some background information on the brand. I also spoke to veterinary experts about whole-prey diets for cats and whether it’s safe for cats to eat mice. Finally, I ordered a variety pack that included all four of Mouser’s canned cat food recipes to test at home with my own cats.
In addition to testing Mouser cat food—with the help of my cats, Bagel, Biscuit, and Munchkin—I performed an in-depth analysis of the product information. I also reviewed the brand’s history of recalls and read customer reviews to get a feel for the average Mouser customer experience.
About Mouser Cat Food
Launched in 2022, Mouser cat food is owned by the Muridae Pet company. The brand was founded by Tom Radcliffe, a former pet store owner who sought to create a healthy option for picky cats. Radcliffe consulted with animal nutritionists and PhDs to develop a cat food made from mice. The product launched in California and is now available in several other states in the western US.
Mouser is regarded as a novelty product at some pet stores but it has been a big hit with some customers. Radcliffe says he mixed the original recipes himself, sharing test batches with his friends’ cats to fine-tune the flavor before bringing in animal nutrition consultants to perfect the formula. While pandemic-related supply-chain issues hindered the launch of Mouser cat food, the brand is growing in popularity.
Sourcing and Manufacturing
Mouser cat food is made in a Chicago cannery. Radcliffe had trouble finding a facility willing to work with mice. Mouse meat is about 10 times more expensive than other pet food proteins. Radcliffe also had to work with standards overseen by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to use mice in Mouser products.
Before selecting the Chicago cannery, Radcliffe visited it to observe the manufacturing process. Mouser cat foods are canned under pressure at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pathogens and render the products shelf-stable.
Radcliffe says the amount of mouse meat in each can is a trade secret and doesn’t disclose his suppliers. He does say, however, that the mice he uses come from specialty producers that breed rodents for animal-feeding purposes. Mouser does not use lab research mice.
Recall History
Having only been launched in 2022, Muridae Pet and the Mouser line of products is still fairly new to the market. Mouser cat food does not appear to have been involved in any product recalls.
What Kinds of Cat Food Does Mouser Offer?
The Mouser line of cat food products from Muridae Pet includes four canned cat food recipes. All four consist of 97% meat, though the exact amount of mouse meat in each recipe is proprietary. The food is packaged in 5.5-ounce BPA-free cans and made without carbohydrate fillers, thickeners, or artificial additives.
The four Mouser products currently available include:

Brush Hunter with Rabbit & Mouse
Field Hunter with Chicken & Mouse
Pond Hunter with Duck & Mouse
Forest Hunter with Turkey & Mouse

Mouser recipes appear to be made with whole mice, not just mouse meat. This means the food contains nutrient-rich mouse organs and bone. However, the formulas still rely on an assortment of synthetic vitamins and minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.
What Did Our Test Cats Think?
My cats thoroughly enjoyed all four Mouser recipes, especially the Rabbit & Mouse. Kate Barrington /
To test Mouser cat food, I ordered a 12-can variety pack. It included three 5.5-ounce cans of each of Mouser’s four flavors. I was particularly excited to test the rabbit-based recipe since my three cats eat a rabbit-based daily diet.
My cats are always excited to test new products but they don’t always like all the flavors offered by a brand. Mouser was a hit across the board—all three of my cats were eager to devour the food. Their enthusiasm led me to believe Mouser was flavorful in a way that was new and exciting to them.
Mouser Cat Food – Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

Product Name
Food Type
Main Protein Source
Price Per Ounce
Our Grade

Mouser Brush Hunter with Rabbit & Mouse Canned Cat Food
35 kcal/oz.

Mouser Field Hunter with Chicken & Mouse Canned Cat Food
43 kcal/oz.

Mouser Pond Hunter with Duck & Mouse Canned Cat Food
36 kcal/oz.

What Do Customers Think of Mouser Cat Food?
As of early 2024, Mouser cat food has only been available for about a year. The Muridae Pet website doesn’t offer customer reviews, and neither does the brand’s only online retailer, IncrediblePets. I was able to find a few comments about Mouser on Reddit, but the thread was about 2 years old at that point.
My cat has tried all 4 flavors and she likes all four. Normally I give her Rawz. When I give her Mouser she eats it faster so I think she likes it better. –  Fidelio reviewing on
Several pet store owners have reported that customers with picky cats found Mouser to be an appealing choice. These comments are reflected on a few small online cat forums along with comments on the product’s odor. Some cat owners find the odor overpowering.
So far the only downside with this food is that it smells very strong. A freshly opened can has a very strong general cat food smell and after refrigeration it’s definitely more of a whole mouse, guts and all smell. Maybe this is why the website ingredient list says mouse and the can says whole mouse. –  sabrinah reviewing on TheCatSite
How Much Does Mouser Cat Food Cost?
All four of Mouser’s canned cat food recipes cost $2.69 for each 5.5-ounce can. They’re also sold in cases of 24 cans for $64.56. The per-ounce price of Mouser cat food is about $0.49 either way.
Another option for buying Mouser cat food is the variety pack. Choose from 4, 12, or 24 cans, priced at $10.76, $32.28, and $64.56, respectively. You can save 5% if you start a subscription—this option only appears to be available for single flavors, not the variety pack
Calorie count varies among the four Mouser recipes, but the average daily cost to feed a 10-pound cat would range from $2.28 to $2.72. This puts Mouser in a similar price range to other premium brands like Rawz, Caru, and Hound & Gatos.
Where Is Mouser Cat Food Sold?
As a specialty product, Mouser cat food has limited availability. It is only available in brick-and-mortar stores located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. You can find a retailer using the brand’s store locator.
If you live outside Mouser’s distribution area or simply prefer to shop online, the only option is an online store called IncrediblePets. Here you can purchase individual Mouser recipes or variety packs. There’s also a Mouser variety pack that includes cans of Rawz cat food.
Overall, Is Mouser a Good Choice?
Mouser is unique among cat food manufacturers for including mouse in their recipes. Given the use of other novel proteins like duck and rabbit, Mouser might be a good option for cats with food allergies and sensitivities. If you’ve exhausted other commercial cat food options, these limited-ingredient formulas might be worth trying.
All Mouser recipes are a little pricey at nearly $0.50 per ounce, but they offer high nutritional value and seem to be very appealing to cats. Mouser could be a good option for picky eaters.
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