Man Sobs As Untrusting Kitten Rubs Against His Face

The rescue cat observed her owner affectionately holding his other feline, understanding that being loved is a profound joy. Once a stray, she gradually grew closer to the human who had rescued her. A month prior, the man discovered the cat beneath a car. He called out, and the cat, limping, approached, eagerly seeking affection and seemingly pleading for a home. Her body bore numerous wounds, likely exacerbated by the cold weather, prompting the man to bring the cat indoors. Upon arrival at her new home, the cat behaved exceptionally well, resting calmly in the man’s embrace.

The man named the kitten “Niuniu” and provided her with water and a makeshift bed from a box, which Niuniu instantly adored, refusing to leave its cozy refuge. The warmth of a home during winter was a luxury previously unknown to Niuniu as a stray. The man treated Niuniu’s wounds and noticed a broken bone joint, speculating that abandonment might have been due to this injury. Offering a can of meat, Niuniu eagerly ate, revealing how long it had been since she last had a full meal. Suffering from long-term malnutrition, her fur was dry and prone to shedding, indicating a severe vitamin deficiency.

The man added vitamins to Niuniu’s meals to address this. A month later, as the man cuddled his original pet, a white cat, Niuniu watched with longing, gradually moving closer, yearning for affection. This month of companionship fostered Niuniu’s trust and reliance on the man.

From being reserved and timid, Niuniu became notably affectionate and dependent on her rescuer. She offered comfort during the man’s sad moments. She was anxious when the man left for work, fearing abandonment once more. But her new dad would never leave her! Soon, Niuniu realized that and grew more confident. Niuniu deeply valued and appreciated everything provided by her dad. Together, they offered mutual support and healing, embodying a beautiful bond of companionship and care.

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