LinkedIn adding word games so you can procrastinate at work

LinkedIn may exist to help professionals look for new job opportunities and network with others in the same field, but it could soon become the place for a bit of down time, too.
Why? Because it’s planning to introduce games to its platform.
App researcher Nima Owji recently found evidence of LinkedIn preparing to add several puzzle games to its mobile app. And in an odd twist, it seems as if companies will be ranked in the games according to the scores of their employees.

BREAKING: #LinkedIn is working on IN-APP GAMES!
There are going to be a few different games and companies will be ranked in the games based on the scores of their employees!
Pretty cool and fun, in my opinion!
— Nima Owji (@nima_owji) March 16, 2024
A spokesperson for LinkedIn told TechCrunch that it is indeed looking into the idea of “adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations.” It’s not yet clear precisely when the games are coming, and whether they’ll be fully available to LinkedIn members on the free tier or only to those on the paid tier.
At the heart of LinkedIn’s gaming aspirations is an apparent desire to increase engagement on the platform and even bring in new users, an outcome made more likely if it comes up with a hit game exclusive to the site.
LinkedIn will have noticed the success enjoyed by the likes of he New York Times, which has broadened its online gaming offerings since acquiring the wildly popular Wordle game in the early part of 2022, soon after it went viral.
The addictive nature of word games and other puzzle games have made them hugely popular on mobile app stores, and LinkedIn now wants a piece of the pie. Company bosses will have to hope that the games aren’t too addictive, however, or their employees will never get any work done.

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