Libec Tripods and Camera Support Systems Crafted in Japan – Factory Tour

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Libec might be known by many as a tripod and fluid head manufacturer. Yet, currently, the company is making a wide range of camera support products including pedestal systems, telescopic jib arms, remote heads, electronically-controlled products, dollies, tracking rails, slider systems, and more. We recently paid a visit to Libec’s new headquarters facility in Yashio City Japan, and were truly impressed with what we saw! Join us to learn more about this family-run business where we meet and talk with Koichi-san, the CEO and president of the company.
My team and I are continuing with our efforts to reveal the faces behind companies who are serving our industry, and this time, we headed to Yashio City which is not too far from Tokyo in Japan, to visit Libec.
At the new Libec factory. Credit: CineD
The company was founded approximately 55 years ago and recently opened their new facility in Tokyo. The headquarters and factory are located on the same ground where it was originally established by Koichi-san’s grandfather many moons ago. Like other companies in our industry, in recent years, Libec went through various changes and challenges, especially during the transition between the 2nd and 3rd generations, but now, after opening their new facility, Koichi-san is very focused on taking his company to the next level of Japanese craftsmanship, and will make sure that he is there to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary (27 years more to go)!
A Libec tripos head cut in half. Can you guess how many parts are inside? Credit: CineD
I hope that you will enjoy this factory tour story. A brand is “just a brand”, but the people behind it are what’s making it really special!
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The main camera used for filming during this trip is the FUJIFILM X-S20.
Many thanks to the people at Libec who were kind enough to open their company doors to us.
I hope you enjoyed this factory tour, and don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below what other companies you would like to see featured in the future!

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