Family Thought They Would Just Foster a Cat But Soon Realized She Was the Missing Piece in Their Home

A family thought they would just foster a cat but soon realized she was the missing piece in their home.MarisolBest_Friends_FelinesBest Friends Felines, a cat rescue, took in a friendly beige cat and her six newborn kittens when their owners could no longer care for them.The cat named Marisol was a wonderful mother to her demanding six. She kept them clean and well-fed and tended to their every whim. She was gentle and sweet with people and other animals.”She integrated into her foster home without a second thought,” Kerry of Best Friends Felines shared.Best_Friends_FelinesWhen the kittens were weaned and independent, they quickly found good homes. Without a hoard of kittens to look after, Marisol thrived in her “single” life and started playing like a young cat again.”She is prone to the zoomies at times but is happy to settle down at the end of the evening for a lovely sleep – her sleeping spot of preference is the bed.”Best_Friends_FelinesMonths later, Marisol was still waiting for a family to scoop her up. She was transferred to another foster home where she could get more attention and love she craved.Tahlia decided to open her home to a foster cat after her beloved cat, Rosie, passed away.Best_Friends_FelinesShe wasn’t ready to adopt but felt called to help another cat in need as a way to mend her broken heart. She welcomed Marisol in with open arms, and the cat quickly settled into her new space.Marisol explored around the house with such confidence and claimed every inch she touched.Best_Friends_FelinesShe watched as her foster mom went about her day, learned her routines, and became acquainted with the resident cat, a tabby named Remy.Feeling secure and loved, she began to express her affection in a new way. One day, Marisol joined her people on the couch and wriggled into their arms. Her soft nuzzles turned into full-body leans.Marisol and her foster mom, Tahlia, became very close over timeBest_Friends_Felines”Now, she cuddles on the couch with us every day and won’t let us go to the bathroom alone,” Tahlia shared. Marisol shadows her humans around the house, always ready to offer a paw or a sweet purr.”I tried to keep from falling in love with Marisol because I knew one day someone would give her a forever home, but over time, as we grew closer and she started being so loving towards us, it got harder and harder.”Marisol enjoys cuddle time with her human dadBest_Friends_FelinesThe bond between Marisol and their cat, Remy, also grew. Remy was thrilled to have a best friend again, a kindred spirit to lounge on the bed with.Sitting next to each other, Marisol tucks her paws in a loaf while Remy lies with his paws relaxed and unfurled. They watch the day go by like two old pals.Marisol and Remy are best friends for lifeBest_Friends_FelinesMarisol filled a void in the family like a lost puzzle piece clicking into place, and they knew she was where she belonged.After a year of being in foster care, Marisol finally found her perfect family and her happily ever after.They love lounging on the bed together like two old palsBest_Friends_Felines”I’m happy to say she is now a permanent part of our little family, and we couldn’t imagine life without her.”Happy and loved in her forever homeBest_Friends_FelinesShare this story with your friends. More on Best Friends Felines on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Cat Comes to a Balcony and Decides to Begin New Life, He Turns Out to Be the Cutest ‘Supervisor’

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