Cat Sat Shyly on the Cold Floor of Building Until Kind Neighbor Scooped Her Up and Changed Her Life

A cat sat shyly on the cold floor of a building until a kind neighbor scooped her up and changed her life.Fortune the catLittleWanderersNYCEarly this year, a gray and white cat found herself abandoned on the first floor of a building. For days, no one came to claim her.”She was cold and hungry and tried to stay warm by huddling under the radiator in the corner. It didn’t really work,” Little Wanderers NYC shared. “One of our volunteers happened to have a relative living there, so the cat was in luck. We’ve called her Fortune.”The cat was unsure whom to trust and retreated to the corner, too afraid to move. The kind neighbor stayed with her while help was on the way.She was found abandoned on the first floor of a buildingLittleWanderersNYCOnce the volunteer arrived, they brought the cat to safety, gave her food, kept her warm, and contacted their rescue for assistance.Fortune quickly came out of her shell when she no longer had to endure the cold floor. She tucked her paws in a loaf position and sat atop a blanket beside her rescuer, purring up a storm.After several days, she was rescued and warmLittleWanderersNYCShe was relieved that the wait for help was over and that she was not alone anymore.Fortune moved into a lovely apartment with a foster family. She plopped herself down on the floor, made biscuits in the air, and filled the room with her rumbling purr.Fortune loves the clean, warm floor at her foster homeLittleWanderersNYC”She is much happier rolling around on a warm floor rather than a cold, concrete, dirty floor.”She hopped into a wicker basket with a blanket and turned it into her bed. As her foster mom petted her, she rolled on her back, asking for belly rubs. Fortune got plenty of rest that night, making up for lost sleep.She chose this wicker basket to be her bed and enjoyed a good belly rubLittleWanderersNYCFortune was very curious at the vet’s office, inspecting every nook and cranny and all the new smells. She looked through the cabinets and drawers and gave the veterinary staff her sweetest head snuggles.They discovered that Fortune was microchipped and approximately two years old. “Unfortunately, the chip led to a dead end, and she is presumed abandoned.”Fortune is very curiousLittleWanderersNYCDespite the setback, Fortune is content simply being indoors and cared for. She cannot get enough attention from her people and begs to be on their lap.She sits like a teddy bear with her back leaning into their arms. She gazes at her humans with her piercing eyes, always curious about what they are up to.She sits like a teddy bear on her foster mom’s lapLittleWanderersNYC”She is gentle, inquisitive, well-mannered, and social. She is a very special cat. She will bring you good fortune like a fortune cookie.”When she is in a good mood (which seems to be all the time), she stretches her toes and paddles her paws. Her purr motor runs nonstop until she falls soundly asleep.She begs for attention with her doe-eyed lookLittleWanderersNYCFortune continues to trust and love every person she comes across. All she wants is someone to snuggle with and a comfy, warm place to call home.She has found a second chance and many kind people to rally behind her and ensure a bright future filled with love and comfort.She loves to make biscuitsLittleWanderersNYCShare this story with your friends. More on Fortune the cat and Little Wanderers NYC on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Cat Gives Indoor Life a Try After Living Outside Most of His Life, Turns Out It’s the Best Thing Ever

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