AirPods Pro earbuds are back at their cheapest-ever price

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The second-generation Apple AirPods Pro with USB-C are back down to their cheapest-ever price of $189 on Amazon, for savings of $60 on their sticker price of $249. If you don’t own the wireless earbuds yet, or if you’re thinking about upgrading from an older model, here’s another chance at this discount. However, like with most AirPods deals, we don’t think it will last long, so if you want to take advantage of the bargain, you’re going to have to proceed with the purchase right away.

Why you should buy the Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C
The Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C are featured in our list of the best wireless earbuds as the top choice for Apple fans, partly because of how easy it is to pair them with an iPhone or iPad. Just open their charging case, hold it close to your device, and you’re done after a few taps. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 also offer solid audio quality with the capability for wireless lossless audio and Apple’s immersive Spatial Audio, so you’ll enjoy your favorite music even more.
Active noise cancellation in the Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C remains excellent, but there’s also a transparency mode that you can activate if you want to hear what’s going on around you without taking off the wireless earbuds. They also come with touch controls on their stems, and an IP54 resistance rating against dust, sweat, and water. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 can last up to dix hours on a single charge with ANC enabled, and up to a total of 30 hours with ANC enabled if you include their charging case.

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You’ll already get fantastic value at the original price of $249 for the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro with USB-C, so they’re a steal at their lowest-ever price of $189 from Amazon. We don’t expect the $60 discount to stay available for long though, as we’re pretty sure that this deal will generate a lot of attention. Before the offer expires, you better hurry with your purchase of the Apple AirPods Pro 2. Once the bargain ends, we don’t know when you’ll get another opportunity to get them for this cheap.

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