After Many Winters, Cat Makes His First Steps Indoors and Accepts Kindness from People

After many winters, a cat made his first step inside a home and accepted kindness from people.MoseyChatonsOrphelinsMontrealMosey, a long-haired white and black cat, had lived through many harsh winters and lost his ear tips to frostbite. He was elusive and survived on the food provided by a neighbor.Years of street life finally caught up with him, and his condition began to decline. “He became frail, and his fur was wet and matted. He had trouble eating and was moving slowly,” Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.”He could no longer protect himself from the bad weather and the cold.”ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealMosey’s weakened state left him vulnerable, and he was bullied by other strays over territory. Nadia, a local animal rescuer, learned about his plight and sprang into action.”While helping community cats in other areas, she rushed to save Mosey before it was too late.” She set up a humane trap with sardines, and shortly after, the hungry cat resigned himself to the trap, longing for a kinder fate.ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealNadia kept Mosey safe indoors while reaching out to local rescues for assistance. The cat was in rough shape with a severely infected mouth, among other issues. Upon hearing about Mosey, Chatons Orphelins Montreal offered their help.”We took him into our care. He was at least six years old. He was exhausted and miserable with battle wounds on his face. His coat was matted and caked in dirt. Years on the streets took a toll on him.”ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealMosey underwent surgery to treat his infected mouth, extract numerous teeth, and remove the knots and tangles from his coat. “He doesn’t have many teeth left but is no longer in pain.”He quickly regained his voracious appetite. Though he was still wary and timid, he finally had the strength to hiss, which was so soft it was barely audible, like the faintest rustle of air.ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealMosey observed his people from the safety of his “cabin” and tried to stay hidden. His foster family spent ample time in his room, reassuring him that he was safe. With lots of patience, he started to take baby steps towards trust.He grew used to their presence and voices, but if they tried to offer him a treat, he’d shy away at first.ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealOne day, Mosey mustered the courage to leave his cabin for a treat from his carer. He took a few hesitant steps until his face was inches from the food. After a few tentative laps, he grew braver and lowered his guard.Mosey began to accept pets and affection and let out his first purr. “It took several months for him to get comfortable. He finally understood he could relax and that his life was much better now.”ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealHe has explored his room and discovered various toys and a cat tree. He has a new favorite place by the window to bask in the warm sunshine and watch little critters outside.ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealHe still gets startled sometimes (by sudden movements or sounds), but he’s grown more confident and purrs when he’s cuddled.Though Mosey needs time to warm up to new people, he adores other friendly cats. “He is gentle and calm and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealAfter years of struggles, Mosey finally feels safe and loved, with kind people looking out for him and ensuring him a lifetime of love and comfort he deserves.ChatonsOrphelinsMontrealShare this story with your friends. More on Mosey the cat and Chatons Orphelins Montreal on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Kitten Comes to Vet Clinic for Help and Ends Up Running the Place Like a Boss

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