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Current 2023 Recommended Modem Routers for Cable Internet (Guide)

Last Updated: June 2, 2023In this guide to choosing the best modem router combo for gaming on PC we’ll cover our current top value picks to help you buy a good modem router as a gamer with a need for speed and reliability. But first of all, should you even buy a modem router combo instead of getting a good gaming router? Good question, because modem routers are definitely not for everyone. When setting up your networking hardware for online gaming (or accessing the internet in general) you basically have three choices:Just get a modem by itself if you only need wired LAN using an Ethernet cable, and get a network hub/switch for your modem if you need to run multiple Ethernet ports as basic modems will just have one LAN port (cheapest option)Get a modem AND a separate router for wireless (most common home setup)Get a modem router combo device that kills 2 birds with one stone black boxIf you’re going to roll with option 3, this is the guide for you. Using a modem router combo has its potential downsides as explained in more detail in our guide to routers vs modem router combos, such as being less flexible overall compared to having a separate modem and separate router, but modem routers are convenient and might be just fine for your particular setup.

If you do want/need a modem router combo, just like with choosing a router it’s easy to get overwhelmed as the specs can be quite confusing. We’ve done the extensive research for you as usual and below we’ll breakdown some of the best modem router combos for gaming based on our careful analysis of the current market from the perspective of an online gamer allergic to lag who is wanting something reliable but also that is good value for money.
Remember that while we always do our due diligence and value attention to detail quite highly on our quest to always bring to you the most reliable product recommendations, always do your research to ensure any particular modem router is compatible with your service provider, has the speed you need, features you want, and so on.For example, there’s no point spending a lot on a super-fast high-end modem router if you don’t have a fast-enough internet plan that will actually get to those speeds in the first place (well, unless you want to future-proof, but again remember that modem routers will only support certain providers so keep that in mind too if potentially switching providers in future). Enough beating around the bush and let’s dive into the current best modem routers for PC gaming for various different price points/budgets.See Also: Choosing the Best Wireless Adapter for Desktop (PCIe vs USB)

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