Setting the stage for 2023 Game of the Year

With 2023 quickly wrapping up, that means we have one last big gaming event to look forward to this year: The Game Awards. With so many excellent games that arrived this year, both for PC and console, I wanted to have a conversation about the PC gaming space and what I believe are the games of this year on that platform.Hogwarts LegacyUnfortunately, this title was not nominated for one award for the game awards this year due to many other titles doing better than this one, per sources; however, it is due to the controversy surrounding the title. However, I do digress. This title was one for every Harry Potter fan and was a beautiful love letter to the franchise. The intricate details that went into this title really do show that the developers behind it care about the legacy of this franchise and the fans of it as well. I could honestly write an entire article on this game; however, I wanted to highlight that this game really was one of my games of the year for the PC platform.  I will admit that there were terrible performance issues at launch; however, the developers took care of those issues. Not to mention, this title does run well on a steam deck.Resident Evil 4 RemakeMany people do not believe that remakes deserve to be nominated for Game of the Year, however, I couldn’t disagree more.  Resident Evil 4 Remake is my game of the year, hands down. I have always thought about what a Resident Evil 4 remake would look like, and the developers really blew my imagination and expectations out of the water. The sound design alone was impeccable. It was an almost replica of the original, so you knew what you were in for.  However, it is absolutely astounding what a heart-felt remake can do for a game. It was like it was 2004 again when I first fired up Resident Evil 4 Remake, and I can’t recommend it enough to all of you PC gamers out there.Baldur’s Gate 3While I have not played Baldur’s Gate 3 yet, I have heard nothing but universal praise online and from friends who have played it. I have played Divinity 2, which is from the same developer as Baldur’s Gate 3, and absolutely loved that game. It is like Dungeons and Dragons in a video game form, the TRUE Dungeons and Dragon form. The turn-based strategy, the in-depth dialogue, a compelling story – this title does have it all. And for all of you fans of using Xbox controllers on PC it does have controller support, which is always nice.Alan Wake 2This is a title that is on my list to play, and high up there, however, I have yet to play it, unfortunately.  A continuation from the first Alan Wake, Alan Wake 2 has been recommended by reviewers across the board. Everyone knows that I am a huge survival horror fan in terms of gaming, so let’s be honest – you knew this was going to be on the list of game of the year. Making a huge splash on the critics’ review front, this title is earning every bit of its praise. This sequel shook things up by adding another protagonist to see the game from two perspectives, which is always a nice touch in my opinion. This is a game I cannot wait to play.2023 Game of the Year Awards in ConclusionWhile many games came out this year, some good and some bad, it is one of the best times to be a PC gamer. PC gaming is making a bigger splash than ever, even with complex allocation of specific components. For those considering a gaming tower or mini gaming PC, now is an opportune time to explore the market. Instabuilder, our user-friendly PC builder tool, can tailor a PC to your gaming needs effortlessly. Whether you have a clear vision or require guidance, our exceptional sales team is available to walk you through every step toward acquiring your dream gaming PC, custom mini-PC, or workstation PC.

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