Schematics Reveal iPhone 16 Pro’s Daring New Button

The iPhone 16 lineup is widely expected to deliver additional buttons. In particular, the base models are touted to receive an Action Button and a new “Capture” button, while the Pro counterparts will maintain the former but add the latter key. These components have been revealed in alleged schematics.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro spotted with an enlarged Action Button and a new Capture key
As shared by news outlet 91Mobiles, we immediately noticed how the Action Button is larger compared to the existing one on the iPhone 15 Pro (review). Moreover, it arrives in the same elliptical shape and is positioned on top of the volume rocker on the left.

Schematics for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro revealing the enlarged Action Button. / © 91Mobiles

As for the new Capture key, it has been installed in the lower right area, below the power button. It also showed how the key is somewhat recessed when compared to other physical keys with a beveled outline around it.
Based on previous rumors, the Capture key is believed to be a dedicated mechanical camera shortcut to take photos and record videos as well as spatial video formats that are playable on the Vision Pro. In addition, the button was described to be touch sensitive and will support in-control zoom.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro schematics showing the new Capture button / © 91Mobile

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro is taller and wider
The iPhone 16 Pro was depicted to be slightly taller and wider with dimensions of 149.6×71.4×8.4 mm compared to the iPhone 15 Pro which measures 146.6×70.6×8.25 mm. The added height and width support the speculated larger 6.3-inch display in the handset, giving it more viewing real estate compared to the 6.1-inch display of the predecessor.
The dimensions shared are in line with details from last year’s report, with the thickness being marginally different. For all we know, it appears the iPhone 16 Pro is set to gain a few grams of heft compared to the iPhone 15 Pro.
Apart from the new buttons, not much has changed on the exterior compared to its predecessor. For instance, the frame looks flat with round corners, and the same applies to the camera hump with individual lens cutouts. Meanwhile, the front retained the flat panel alongside Dynamic Island sensors.
As of today, the biggest changes with the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) were touted to be internal, with Apple’s custom A18 Pro chipset speculated to power the duo. The new chip will enable on-device AI features, something which was notably missing on the iPhone 15 (review) this year.
Do you think new buttons will make the iPhone 16 more distinguishable than the iPhone 15? Do you prefer this approach? Our comment section is open for discussion.

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