Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti could be in trouble as 7700 XT price drops sighted

Could we see even more RX 7700 XT deals soon?
Updated: Feb 8, 2024 10:27 am

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Table of Contents

If you’re looking for a new graphics card right now, then the RTX 4060 Ti and RX 7700 XT offer good value for money in the mid-range, but a temporary drop in price to just $352.74 for the 7700 XT on Newegg could be a sign of things to come as more SKUs may follow suit.
We’ve seen a number of AMD cards get discounts recently, and it looks like this mid-range GPU is the latest in line to offer excellent value in an attempt to push Nvidia’s equivalents out of contention. When comparing RX 7700 XT vs RTX 4060 Ti, we noted that the AMD card’s recommend price slots right in-between the 8GB and 16GB variants of the 4060 Ti, but now if gets cheaper than both.
RX 7700 XT has recently been discounted at Newegg
PowerColor’s Fighter and Hellhound models for the RX 7700 XT have seen some price drops lately on Amazon. The Fighter variant in particular was dropped down to just $352.74 from its previous $449.99 price tag, not far from $100 off and a hard discount to top. To compare, Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti can only be found for as cheap as $385 at the time of writing on Newegg, and that’s for the cheaper 8GB model.
The sad news is that it seems like these deals are no longer active after VideoCardz spotted them, possibly due to demand, but it does show the potential of the card’s value for money over the RTX 4060 Ti. The AMD GPU has shown better performance across the board according to Digital Trend’s benchmarks. If a big discount has happened already, we can speculate that it will strike again.





How much should I pay for the RX 7700 XT?
The RX 7700 XT arrived on the market for an MSRP of $449, which isn’t the worse price in the world for a solid performer like this. That being said, our resident GPU expert Seb did say that the price was one let down in his RX 7700 XT review, especially when matched up against the options just above it.
However, with discounts showing up recently and the potential for them to appear yet again, we would definitely recommend picking up this card while it’s on offer – especially for 1440p gaming. Any price around the $350 mark is an absolute steal in our eyes, we’d even settle for a little more than that as long as it’s cheaper than the RTX 4060 Ti.

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