NVIDIA 40 Series Super Announcement at CES 2024

On January 8th at CES, NVIDIA made waves by announcing three powerful additions to their existing RTX 4000 series cards – the RTX 4070 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4080 Super.Enhanced Performance with ADA Lovelace ArchitectureBased on the ADA Lovelace architecture, these new GPUs boast more Cuda, Tensor, and AI cores compared to their predecessors in the 4000 series. This is great news for gaming PCs and workstation PCs prioritizing graphic rendering, production, and more. Memory Upgrade for NVIDIA 40 Series Super Graphics CardsNVIDIA has maintained the architecture and significantly upgraded the memory on the 4070 Ti Super and 4080 Super, using faster GDDR6X memory to boost memory bandwidth. This enhancement promises noticeable improvements in gaming, production, and AI workloads.NameArchitectureClock Speed BaseClock Speed BoostCuda CoresTensor CoresRT CoresMemory SizeMemory BusMemory BandwidthTDPRTX 4070ADA Lovelace1920247558881844612GB192504.2 Gbps200WRTX 4070 SuperADA Lovelace1980247571682245612GB192504.2 Gbps225WRTX 4070 TiADA Lovelace2310261076802406012GB192504.2 Gbps285WRTX 4070 Ti SuperADA Lovelace2340261084482646616GB192672 Gbps320WRTX 4080ADA Lovelace2205250597283047616GB256716.8 Gbps320WRTX 4080 SuperADA Lovelace22052505102403208016GB256736 Gbps340WCompetitive Pricing in this generation of Graphics CardsDespite these upgrades, all three cards launch at MSRPs equal to or lower than their predecessors. The RTX 4070 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4080 Super are priced at $599, $799, and $999, respectively.Value Proposition in Comparison to the 40 SeriesWhen comparing them to their non-super counterparts, all three cards have an interesting value proposition. The 4070 Super has 21% more Cuda cores than the 4070. With this launch, the 4070 does drop to $549, but we see no point in buying it over the super variant. The 4070 Ti Super gains 4GB of VRAM and a massive 33 percent memory bandwidth for only $50 more. The 4080 Super doesn’t distinguish itself from the 4080 with a massive spec bump, but at 200 dollars less than the 4080, it brings gamers a much-needed price cut from previous years’ sky-high pricing.Should I buy an RTX 40 Series Super Card?For users with RTX 2070 Super, 2080 Ti, or 3070 Ti, these Super series GPUs offer a compelling upgrade. The RTX 4070 Super is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable custom gaming PC, while the 4080 Super caters to users looking for high-end performance without the budget stretch of an RTX 4090 for workstation computers.

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