LG C4 OLED vs Sony A95K

We compare the LG C4 vs Sony A95K to see which OLED TV comes out on top
Updated: Mar 6, 2024 3:15 pm

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In this guide, we will be comparing the LG C4 vs Sony A95K to see if 2024’s mid-range TV can beat a two-year-old flagship.
LG has made several improvements with the C4, but the biggest is the new Alpha 9 AI chip that has improved many AI-powered features and brings a more responsive UI to the table. On the flipside, the A95K was the first Sony TV to feature a QD-OLED panel, so its color accuracy, contrast, and overall display quality are top-notch – making it one of the best OLED TVs of all time, particularly when talking about QD-OLEDs.
Both TVs also offer several gaming features, making them a great choice for gaming TVs, but which one of them is better? To find out, we will pit both against each other in terms of display quality, sound, price, and gaming features.

LG C4 OLED Series


Now up to 144Hz refresh rate at 4K

Native Chromecast support


Still no MLA like the G-series

Not a massive upgrade over the LG C3

Sony Bravia Master XR A95K


Superb image processing features

Excellent gaming performance

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LG C4 vs Sony A95K specs
SpecificationLG C4Sony A95KPanel typeOLED evoQD-OLEDSize range42″, 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″, 83″55”, 65”Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K)3840 x 2160 (4K)Refresh rate144Hz120HzResponse time<0.1ms<0.3msProcessorAlpha 9 AICognitive Processor XRHDMI standardHDMI 2.12x HDMI 2.1, 2x HDMI 2.0VRRHDMI VRR, AMD FreeSync, NVIDIA G-SyncHDMI VRR, NVIDIA G-SyncAudioAI Sound Pro, Wireless lossless Dolby AtmosDolby Atmos, DTS, Acoustic Surface Audio+
Starting with the specs, the LG C4 has four more sizes available than the Sony A95K, which makes it a better choice for those who want a TV smaller than 55-inches or bigger than 65-inches – the only two sizes the A95K comes in.
However, just having more sizes doesn’t make a TV good, it’s the display and sound quality that matters the most. And the OLED evo in the LG C4 is certainly good. It’s sharp, has an infinite contrast, and the upscaling is also improved. As for the sound quality, the TV uses its new Alpha 9 AI chip to deliver a virtual 11.1.2 up-mix, along with Dolby Atmos for remarkable immersion. Even still, we’d always recommend picking up the best soundbar for TV for the best results.
The Sony A95K, despite being two years older, still offers comparative display quality and sound, and that’s all because of it simply being a premium TV. The QD-OLED TV paired with the Cognitive Processor XR offers some of the best-looking colors we’ve ever seen, and the Acoustic Surface Audio+, which makes the screen itself act as a speaker, gives a very immersive experience.
These features make the Sony A95K a better option as a home theater as well. Both TVs also offer Dolby Vision and HDR10 for HDR content and gaming, but the overall HDR quality of the Sony A95K is marginally better thanks to its superior display and video processing.
LG C4 vs Sony A95K price
SizeLG C4Sony A95K83”$5,399.99N/A77”$3,699.99N/A65”$2,699.99$3,499.9955”$1,999.99$2,799.9948”$1,599.99N/A42”$1,499.99N/A
Coming towards pricing, there is a night and day difference between the two. The Sony A95K, being a flagship, carries a premium price tag. In contrast, the LG C4 seems like a very affordable option, making it a better bang-for-the-buck choice. Both options cost a solid $800 less than their A95K equivalents, which is a big deal.
However, since the A95K is an older TV, it also sees massive price cuts during different deal seasons and clearance sales, and that completely changes the whole bang-for-your-buck dynamic. For instance, last Black Friday, we saw the A95K 55” being sold for a mere $1699, that’s even less than the LG C4. So, we expect even bigger discounts this year.
LG C4 vs Sony A95K for gaming
This is one category where the LG C4 shines more than the Sony A95K, and that’s because of many reasons. First of all, the LG C4 can run at up to a 144Hz refresh rate, while the A95K peaks at 120Hz. This isn’t a big deal if you’re a console gamer, but every detail matters for PC gaming. Speaking of, the smaller 42″ and 48″ sizes of the C4 can work well in a desktop setting.
Similarly, the LG C4 also has twice as many HDMI 2.1 ports as the A95K, which makes it a better choice if you want to plug in your consoles and PC at the same time. That’s not all, the LG C4 also has a lower response time and input lag than the A95, making it a faster option across all aspects.
Both TVs support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which reduces the refresh rate to match the FPS, giving a smooth display without any screen tears. However, the LG C4 supports HDMI VRR, AMD FreeSync, and G-Sync compatibility while the A95K only has HDMI VRR and G-Sync compatibility. However, this is no longer a massive deal as even consoles like the PS5 (which uses an AMD GPU) now support multiple VRR systems.

LG C4 OLED Series

42″, 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″, 83″

Sony Bravia Master XR A95K

Is the LG C4 brighter than the A95K?
There hasn’t yet been any hands-on testing regarding the LG C4’s brightness, but we can see it being the brighter display than the A95K, which would be a milestone feat for LG’s mid-range model. Looking back at last gen, the LG C3 was just a little weaker in HDR with lower peak brightness, but it made up for this with better brightness levels at SDR.
So, with the improvements to the C4’s processor and its Brightness Booster tech, we imagine that it will overtake the A95K in HDR scenarios as well. More good news for the C4 is that the smaller 42″ and 48″ models will also be getting a brighter panel, something that the C3 lacked in comparison.
Should you buy the LG C4 or Sony A95K?
If we were to pick between the LG C4 vs A95K, we would go with Sony for movies and TV, but the LG for gaming. The C4 makes the most out of its AI-powered capabilities and other gaming features to offer an overall good package, but the A95K still looks and sounds a little more premium and high-end.
If you plan your purchase and wait for the right time, you can get an A95K for a significantly better price tag than the LG C4, which makes it an even better choice. So, the only reason you should go with the C4 is that if you want a more future-proof TV, play fast-paced games a lot, and want a size that the A95K does not come in.

Final word
All in all, these two TVs certainly cut it close. Even though there’s two generations between them, the mid-range C4 closes on the former-flagship A95K. We still think that the A95K will offer a more immersive experience in regards to colors and sound, but the gaming specs on the C4 and wider range of sizes opens up possibilities for both console and PC gamers.
However, the QD-OLED panel on the Sony model definitely helps it keep it relevant to this day, as the C4 still doesn’t get the same kind of brightness-boosting MLA tech as the more premium G-series these days. See our LG G4 vs Sony A95K comparison for more details in regards to that. In summary, both of these TVs will serve you well, with the C4 being the more versatile option of the two.

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