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Travelling with your cat can be a rejuvenating experience, and it is one of the best ways to boost your overall bond with them. Yet, you must consider a few things before starting the trip to make your whole journey safe and comfortable.
In this blog, you will see some highly useful tips which will tremendously help you to make your travelling sessions with a cat a walk in the park. So here it goes,

Whether you are travelling by air or road, you must first ensure that your cat is comfortable inside their carrier. Your cats should get used to the carrier before starting your journey. Put a cosy blanket inside the carrier and place it outside of your house so that your cats can explore it whenever they like and get used to it. Also, visit the vet to ensure that your cat is fit for travelling and whether they need any medications.

Invest in a well-ventilated cat carrier which is spacious enough for your cats to turn and lie down comfortably. As cats are curious creatures, it is always better to choose those carriers where the cats can watch what is happening outside. This is vital for preventing separation anxiety in them.

It is important to carry cat essentials like food & water bowls, cat litter box, leash & collar, and other essential medications. Also, pack enough food and water for your cats and don’t forget to bring their favourite cat toys which keeps them engaged throughout the trip.

If you are travelling by car, take regular breaks to allow your cats to stretch their legs, drink water or use their litter box. This is important because cats can zone out quickly and need a gap to unwind. Also, when the car is in motion, keep the cats securely confined and never leave the cats alone in the car, especially in hot weather.

If your cats get stressed during the trip, you can reward them with some delicious cat treats or praise them. Speaking to them with a soothing tone can also help them to stay calm. Also, it is important to avoid sudden loud noises and keep the environment as peaceful as possible.

If you are flying with your cat, knowing about the airline policies regarding pet transportation is important. Almost all airlines worldwide demand an IATA-approved pet crate for transporting a pet through the air. This crate is well-ventilated and consists of two food bowls for letting your cat eat their meals whenever they want. Also, arrive early at the airport for plenty of time for security check-in and other formalities.
In a Nutshell
Travelling with a cat is an enriching experience as you will get to see a new side of your beloved pet. These 6 tips will tremendously help you to have a memorable journey with your feline and also avoid a lot of hassles as well.

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