How Do You Deal With Excessive Meowing in Cats?

Is your cat meowing constantly, even after giving them everything? Excessive meowing of cats can be a great nuisance to both the owners and their neighbours. Also, punishing or scolding your cats for this behaviour can only aggravate the whole problem.
In this blog, you will understand why a cat meows excessively and learn some excellent strategies to reduce this behaviour.
So let us begin,
1) Rule Out the Possibility of Health Issues
Cats can meow incessantly if they are experiencing a health issue. They will do so when they are feeling pain or discomfort or have caught an illness. This is why you should rule out the possibility of medical issues before heading to do something else for their meowing problem. Take your cat to their vet to ensure they are in good health and not facing any illnesses.
2) Give Your Cats Physical and Mental Stimulation
Cats are known for their curiosity, so they just can’t tolerate boredom. When they feel bored, they can indulge in undesirable behaviour like meowing and scratching your furniture. To keep them busy and engaged, you can offer them good cat toys, scratching posts, catnip toys, etc., preventing them from being too vocal or doing any mischief.
3) Set Up a Routine
Cats like to have a routine and prefer predictability in their daily affairs. This is why owners should set up a fixed time for their cat’s feeding, playtime and sleep. Doing so can help reduce stress and anxiety in the felines, reducing their chances of meowing.
4) Don’t Reinforce The Behaviour
A common mistake most cat owners make is that they start feeding their cats treats or offer praise immediately when they indulge in excessive meowing behaviour. They often do this to make the felines calm. But in reality, this only reinforces the meowing tendency in cats. Next time, if your cat is becoming too vocal, wait for some time before you reward them immediately. This will make the cats feel that their silence is desirable, and they will likely repeat it next time.
5) Create a Private Space For Cats
Cats can meow excessively when they feel anxious or scared. This is why you should give them a separate space where they can relax and sleep. For this, you can set up a nice and cosy cat bed for them or install a cat tree that helps them gaze at their surroundings from a distance.
6) Minimise Environmental Stressors
Cats can indulge in excessive meowing when exposed to stressors like suddenly being introduced to a new home or pet. You can minimise these stressors by slowly exposing them to a new situation and rewarding them with treats and praise.
All in All,
With the right approach and also with a bit of patience, you can easily manage the problem of excessive meowing in cats. Remember that you should not be too hard on the cats as it can only make them confused and more agitated. Love and care can go a long way in making your beloved cats well-behaved.

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