Google to add Satellite SOS feature on Pixel devices

It looks like Google is about to roll out the “Satellite SOS” feature for Pixel devices, which will allow emergency connectivity to happen even in the most remote places. After a recent update to the Google Adaptive Connectivity Services app (version p. 2024.08), this fascinating discovery became apparent. Check out the details. 

Satellite SOS Coming to Pixel Phones

Numerous reliable sources, such as Android Authority, have given this development credence. PhoneArena reports that when traditional cellular and Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, Pixel users will be able to directly communicate with emergency services via satellites thanks to the “Satellite SOS” feature, which is derived from the Google News channel on Telegram. This feature is very similar to the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature that is currently present on the iPhone 14 and 15 models.

Recaps taken from the app update suggest that the Satellite SOS function can be accessed via the Settings menu, tucked away under “Safety & emergency.” Here, users should see a specific Satellite SOS page explaining how to use the feature and possibly providing a demo or trial mode.

This update is in perfect harmony with Google’s 2022 announcement to include satellite support in Android 14. Although Google has not yet made an official statement about the Satellite SOS feature, the information gleaned from the app update is a strong hint that it will soon be released.

Overall, with its potential to be a game-changer, the Satellite SOS feature will provide Pixel users traveling through remote areas without traditional cellular coverage with a lifeline. This invention gives people traveling through disaster-affected areas, campers, and enthusiastic hikers peace of mind by guaranteeing access to vital help in an emergency. Still, some doubts remain. Questions about possible limitations, like message character limits or related data transfer costs, are still unanswered.

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