Get a free Nintendo Switch with this OLED TV deal

Argos is offering all of the OLED, all of the time with this LG C3 and Switch OLED deal.

It gets you the brilliant 42-inch LG C3 OLED TV, and throws in a Nintendo Switch OLED for free, with a total price of £999.99. Essentially, you’re saving £309.99 – the price of a Switch OLED – as part of this deal.

That’s a great deal on two of the hottest products within their category.

Buy an LG C3 and get a Switch OLED for free
Argos is offering the brilliant LG C3 OLED TV with a Switch OLED console thrown in for free, representing a saving of £309.99.

Free Switch OLED
Now £999.99

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The Nintendo Switch probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, even if you’re a casual or non-gamer. It’s the hottest hybrid console on the market, capable of being played as a handheld or hooked up to your TV.

Even if you don’t want one, we guarantee that your kid, nephew, sibling, or best friend does.

This isn’t just any old Switch either, but rather the latest OLED model that we called “a fantastic upgrade for portable play” in our 4-star review. This revised Switch swaps out the original’s dowdy 6.2-inch LCD for a vibrant 7-inch OLED panel. It really is a game changer, and you also get a way better kickstand and an ethernet connector on the dock.

As for the LG C3, it’s only one of our favourite TVs on the market right now. We scored the 65-inch model (which is exactly the same TV, just bigger) 4.5 out of 5 in our review, calling it “pretty much all things to all people”.

As a gaming combo, this deal is tough to beat, and it ensures that your Switch gaming will be super-vibrant no matter how you’re playing.

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