Former Xbox exclusive fixed after it embarrassingly ran better on PS5

Microsoft’s decision to open up some exclusive first-party games to PlayStation consoles was considered controversial, even before Xbox gamers heard Pentiment actually ran better on PS5.

The launch of the much-loved narrative game on PS5 unlocked a 120fps mode, whereas the Xbox version only reached 60 frames per second.

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The game’s director had previously said this was “just a bug” and has now enabled the higher frame rate on the Xbox session to match the PS5 version.

“120fps will be enabled for Xbox in the next patch. It being disabled is just a bug,” Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer said on Twitter late last month.

Now that patch is here, Xbox gamers will be able to enjoy the classic first-party game at the improved frame rate. The release notes read:

Fix for the High Contrast accessibility option not rendering correctly.120fps enabled for Xbox Series X.Updated Icon (PS4/5, Switch).Updated Platinum Trophy name (“Historia Tassiae” PS4/5).Updated PS4/5 controller graphics.

120fps will be enabled for XBOX in the next patch. It being disabled is just a bug.— Josh Sawyer (@jesawyer) February 26, 2024

Microsoft’s strategy in unleashing first-party games that have reached their potential on Xbox is a risky one, especially given Sony is unlikely to reciprocate by offering its hottest IPs on Xbox consoles.

However, Microsoft’s goal appears to make sense from a business standpoint. It wants to sell more games to the other areas of the console market – including the Nintendo Switch – to boost revenue and allow further investment in the franchises.

It’s working out well thus far with Pentiment doing the business on PS5 and Sea of Thieves currently top of the PS5 pre-order charts ahead of its launch on April 30.

Those are just two of four Xbox games coming to PS5 in the next few months. Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 later this month, while Grounded is also on deck.

Are you an Xbox gamer disappointed Microsoft is offering your exclusives up to the enemy? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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