ElevenLabs’ AI Sound Generator Adds Background Score To Sora’s Mute Videos

A few days ago, OpenAI released Sora, a breakthrough text-to-video generator tool capable of generating extremely high-quality videos. The tool sent a shockwave down the industry. The samples shared by OpenAI are nothing like any competing company has achieved. However, just days later, ElevenLabs has showcased a new AI-based tool capable of text-to-sound generation.

Here’s How ElevenLabs Showcased Its AI Sound Generator

In a post on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), ElevenLabs showcased its AI Sound Generator. However, this announcement was unique because the company used some video-only sample shots created using OpenAI’s Sora and added some sound effects or background scores to them. It is important to mention that Sora can only generate videos, as can other elementary text-to-video platforms like Runway.

ElevenLabs claims that its AI Sound Generator can create any sound effect as long as users can describe it with the help of a short description. For instance, the second shot in the company’s video contains a jeep riding on a mountainous terrain, the same shot on OpenAI’s website. However, the ElevenLabs tool adds intricate sounds of gear changing in a heavy engine.

The Results “Sound” Promising

The tool has also added sound to the iconic shot created by Sora, where a woman is walking down a busy metropolitan street. In the video, we can hear the sound of footsteps, along with some vehicles honking in the background. The distinct chatter of the pedestrians is also audible. Moreover, the teaser looks promising and excites users for the final product’s arrival. For now, ElevenLabs is asking users to join a waiting list.

The AI Sound Generator Could Find Use In Several Industries

There are several use cases where the ElevenLabs AI sound generator can be handy. The first scenario that comes to mind is video editing, where editors can use the tool to add background sound effects to increase a scene’s impact. Instead of paying for licensed audio, sound engineers can use the tool to help create some samples to play around with. The audio created could be used by video creators, movie directors, music producers, etc.

Google Is Also Working On Its Text-To-Video Generator

While OpenAI and ElevenLabs are making significant leaps in the AI content generation industry, Google is also pacing the development of its first AI-based video generator called VideoPoet. The Alphabet-owned company announced VideoPoet some time ago. However, what’s interesting is that this tool should also be able to generate sound based on the video.

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