Don’t make this silly mistake when setting up your new OLED TV

A little piece of advice before you mount your TV
Updated: Mar 14, 2024 4:07 pm

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Table of Contents

OLED TVs are undoubtedly some of the very best displays on the market, so you probably want the very best spot in the house to show off your new television. Finding the right place to house it may take some planning and reorganizing, and wall mounting is a common solution – but do avoid setting it up above your fireplace.
Whether you have the best OLED TV available or a more budget-friendly option, you still want your TV to last some time. Excessive heat can be a real problem for OLED TVs in particular. They aren’t well known for their super long lifespans like their LED counterparts, so you don’t want to run the risk of cutting that short.

Don’t mount it above your fireplace
We recently came across this Reddit thread, with user u/orig_peanuthead asking for advice in regards to mounting their G1 or G3 OLED TV over their fireplace. Fellow LG OLED fans were quick to shut them down, though they seem pretty set on their decision – acknowledging that it isn’t quite ideal but they are limited by their living space. There are two main reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this.
Firstly, you don’t want to be embarrassed by being posted over on r/TVTooHigh, as this meme handily demonstrates. The ideal height for a TV is at eye level, and while OLEDs do offer the benefit of a wide viewing angle, we don’t recommend straining your neck just watch your favorite show.
Next up is the potential for heat (or even soot) damage. No worries if you never plan on using your fireplace we suppose, but then we can just revert back to point number one above.
Do OLED TVs receive heat damage?
Yes, they do, just like any electrical good really. OLED TVs are particularly sensitive to heat and excessive light due to the way this technology works. Despite the many positives associated with a premium OLED panel, burn-in is one of the downsides which you may be familiar with.
The panel’s self-lit pixels burn over time, and when more heat is generated, it only degrades the display at an accelerated rate. There’s a good reason why bright high-end models like the new G4 OLED come with a heatsink to allow it to comfortably reach a high peak brightness without risking damage.

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