Best Toys to Keep Your Rabbits Entertained

Ask any rabbit owner and they will tell you how smart their bunnies are. Not many people know this, but rabbits are highly intelligent creatures who recognize names and go to owners when they are called. They also have excellent memory which makes them remember commands as well.
This same intelligence of rabbits has a downside to it; they get bored easily. When they get too bored, it can sometimes lead to stress as well. This is why they need some excellent toys which can keep them entertained and engaged, even when you are out of the house.
Here are some of the best toys for rabbits,

Since rabbits have continuously growing teeth, their chewing behaviour helps them wear down their teeth and also prevent dental problems. Provide them with various chew toys made from materials like cardboard, untreated wood, hay, dried apple sticks etc. Avoid feeding them plastic and other similar materials which are harmful when ingested.

Rabbits are animals who love to explore and hide. This is why you should think of making a tunnel, preferably from materials like fabric, cardboard or even hay. Tunnels give your rabbits a sense of security, while also promoting physical activity in them keeping them healthy and strong.

Do you know that a simple piece of cardboard can provide endless entertainment to rabbits? Rabbits love to chew them, hide inside them, and even push them around. With some cardboards, you can also create tunnels and mazes by connecting multiple boxes together, which will stimulate your rabbit’s desire to explore.

There are many interactive toys which are excellent for encouraging mental stimulation in the rabbits. For instance, toys like puzzle feeders, treat balls and toys with hidden compartments are ideal for keeping your cats engaged.

Rabbits are playful animals who like to bat around anything which is rolling. This is why you should consider offering them some entertaining ball toys.  Also opt for some light-weight toys which are easy and safe for the rabbits to push and roll around. Just make sure that the toys are large enough so that the rabbits can’t swallow them.

Hanging toys are excellent for providing physical and mental stimulation for the rabbits. Items like wooden blocks, seagrass balls, or even untreated wicker baskets above the rabbit’s enclosure can be used as hanging toys for them. This will also force  them to jump, reach and interact with their surroundings in new ways.

Treat Dispensing toys not only entertains the rabbits, but also makes them work for their food. This keeps boredom away and gives them the necessary mental stimulation. Consider filling their treat dispenser with small treats which are made for the rabbits. You will see how your rabbits find new creative ways to take their foods out.
Remember to keep rotating the toys of your rabbits so that they don’t get bored while playing with one. Also, while buying new toys from them, select the ones which are ideal for their size and behaviour. By offering the right kind of toys to the rabbits, you can ensure that they are living a healthy and enriching life.

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