Best CPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2 – top processors for DD2

Looking for the best experience in Dragon’s Dogma 2 here are the top CPU choices
Updated: Mar 19, 2024 3:58 pm

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Looking for the best CPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2 we have the top selection for your needs. We are providing you with a top choice for the sequel coming in years later. With this, you will be able to experience the game with nothing holding you back and you can enjoy smooth gameplay.
Ensuring you have the best CPU for your setup gives you the best build overall. The processor is the brain behind your computer and is a key part of your performance. The Dragon’s Dogma 2 released in March 2024, it comes nearly 12 years after the original, so the hardware has changed quite a bit and the system requirements improved so here’s what to look for.

Best processor for Dragon’s Dogma 2
For the top choices of processors, there are both Intel and AMD to pick from. With a range of choices from both, we provide you with the best experience alongside the best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2.
Best overall CPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2


Up to 7% faster than 13900K

Insane gaming performance for the money

Large cahce

Dual CCD


beaten by 7900X3D

One CCD limited by V-cache

One of the top CPUs in the current generation, the 7800X3D leads the way as a top choice for gaming and overall processing. It is a strong AMD processor on the AM5 platform without a top price point on it. Instead, it provides an incredible value for the X3D choice.
The CPU comes with a 5nm process and features 8 cores and 16 threads. Running at 4.2GHz and turbo up to 5GHz, not the fastest processing power but it doesn’t need speed to create great power with its processing. That comes in with a 120W TDP package and an asking price of $449.
Best Intel CPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2

5.3GHz (boost) 3.5GHz (base)

4.0GHz (boost) 2.6GHz (base)


Stays cool even under stress

Performs well considering it’s the previous architecture


Performance improvement may not warrant an upgrade over last gen 

Now from the Intel CPU lineup, the top choice is an i5-14600K, a CPU we reviewed and found to be a mighty choice for processing. Providing you with a strong choice for the Intel platform without having the need to upgrade to the more expensive DDR5 RAM choice.
It is made with Intels 10nm process it comes in with 14 cores and 20 threads, with the hybrid cores split between 6 p-cores and 8 e-cores. These come in with a 3.5GHz frequency along with a 5.3GHz turbo, but the efficiency cores are instead at 2.6GHz and boost up to 4 all with a 125W TDP and $319 asking price.
Best budget CPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2


Incredible single-core performance

Interesting IHS

Very power efficient

surpasses other CPUs with more cores


Hard to cool, runs very hot

Now for a top-value choice when it comes to Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Ryzen 5 7600X is the choice to go for. As we found in our 7600X review, it is a great choice for performance to price value. With a great single-core performance that’s key to gaming workloads, it is a strong choice for the lower price of it.
It is another Zen 4 CPU made for the same platform, but it does come with a need to use the latest DDR5 platform. But this makes it a great value choice, as it still comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. These run at 4.7GHz and a turbo up to 5.3GHz, which requires 105W to run.

What CPU do you need for Dragon’s Dogma 2?
DD2 system requirements are nothing too over the top but it is still a fairly more recent choice of processors. With a split between 1080p 30FPS performance and 4K 30FPS, there is a minimum and recommended selection of choices.
The developers recommend at a minimum you have an Intel i5-10600 or AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Whilst what you should target is a slight upgrade to that. With the selection being the i7-10700 and Ryzen 5 3600X.
Can my CPU handle Dragon’s Dogma 2?
If your processor meets the requirements then you can. You can tell this by the naming scheme if it’s an Intel one and i5 10th Gen or above is recommended or an i7 10th gen or above is a better choice. In terms of AMD, a Ryzen 5 3000 or newer is enough to play to game without issues.

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