Baby Stuck In Dog’s Birth Canal Nearly Hurt Her, Man Raced To Deliver The Rest

In the heart of underserved areas, Animal Aid emerges as a beacon of hope for stray dogs facing dire circumstances. Their commitment to animal welfare means answering the call for help, even when it entails personal risks. Recently, a stray dog experiencing the agony of labor found herself in a life-threatening situation. Alone and in distress, she delivered a stillborn puppy that got stuck, causing her immense pain and immobilizing her. Her cries did not go unheard; a compassionate neighbor detected her plight and reached out to Animal Aid. The organization, known for its dedication to aiding stray animals, pledged immediate assistance, recognizing the critical nature of the situation.

The mother dog was in a dire state, the stillborn puppy hindering any movement, leaving her to suffer in the heat, gasping for air. The volunteer dispatched to the scene understood the urgency—there was no time to waste. The dog needed immediate medical attention to prevent further complications or potential fatalities. With a sense of urgency, the volunteer swiftly transported her to the clinic, hoping to save her life and offer her a chance at recovery.
Image Story/Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, Apricot’s Story
The rescuer named the dog Apricot, and after taking her to the clinic, he discovered she had other puppies inside of her. She was put under heavy sedation and a c-section was performed, and Apricot recovered quickly.

Image Story/Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, Apricot’s Story

The clinic was able to deliver six puppies in total. Having six puppies in one go was not something I ever imagined being able to see. It was an amazing sight because the dog, Apricot, woke up from sedation and connected with her new family. The six puppies appeared to have been born without complications too. Once the mother had nursed her puppies, another Animal Aid volunteer stayed with them because there was a chance that something could happen even though everything seemed fine.
Image Story/Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, Apricot’s Story

Although all six puppies seemed healthy, three of them got very sick. No treatment worked and sadly the puppies crossed the Rainbow Bridge. There was a time when Apricot grieved her loss, but soon found herself with three puppies to care for and knew she needed to be strong for them.

Image Story/Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, Apricot’s Story
After she recovered, Apricot and her puppies returned home with their dad. Many don’t understand, but foreign countries have a lot of stray animals that are left on the street because there is no way to get them all foster homes. Animal Aid does their best to help out by giving them food and medical care while caring citizens do what they can for the animals on a daily basis.

Image Story/Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, Apricot’s Story

Animal Aid volunteers continue to check on Apricot and the puppies and make sure they were well-cared for and healthy. We are so grateful that Apricot was rescued in time.
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