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Jan 17, 2024
In a heartfelt endeavor to support senior dogs in shelters, Amanda Stronza has launched Matilda Day, a fundraiser named in honor of her late dog Matilda. This initiative is not merely a fundraiser but a sincere tribute to Matilda and a beacon of hope for senior dogs in need.
Amanda Stronza, a photographer, found inspiration in Matilda after rescuing her from underneath her house. Matilda’s journey became a photographic adventure, chronicling her life and experiences. Through Amanda’s lens, Matilda’s story gained a significant supporter base.
Matilda’s documented life took followers on a journey of emotions, from finding her true love, Jake a beautiful dog with an auburn coat, to visiting countless countries, animal shelters, and flower patches with her mom. Matilda’s impact was far-reaching, using her photos to advocate for shelter animals and what a positive life can look like for a rescue dog.
Matilda passed away on January 17th of last year, leaving a void in Amanda’s and her followers’ hearts. However, Matilda’s legacy lives on through Matilda Day, raising over $22,000 last year. This year’s goal is $19,000 in honor of Matilda’s 19th birthday.
Matilda and Amanda’s support for Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) has bettered the lives of countless animals. Matilda Day funds contribute to providing care for senior dogs in shelters, offering them a chance for a brighter future.
To contribute to this cause, visit Amanda’s website:
Your donation honors Matilda’s memory and makes a meaningful impact on the lives of senior dogs awaiting their second chance. Let’s celebrate Matilda Day and ensure that love and care reach those who need it the most.

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