Austin Pets Alive! | APA! Offers Courtesy Listings for Rehoming

Feb 22, 2024
Going to a shelter should be and can be the last option for an animal whose family is having to make the tough decision to say goodbye to their furry family member.
Historically, a lot of shame has been placed on the idea of pets being rehomed, but the reality is, sometimes moving a pet out of its current home is truly the best and maybe even sometimes, the only, option a family has. The reason for needing to find a new home for a pet can vary, and we believe it’s time to take the blame out of the conversation; our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender program or P.A.S.S. focuses on listening, asking exploratory questions and if by the end of the conversation all signs point to rehoming as the best option, offering resources to support that family through that transition.
One resource we offer is introducing families in need to Adopt A Pet — a site that lists pets in need of homes and offers expert advice to families as they work to find the right home for their beloved animal. The pet’s picture and bio are not only listed on Adopt A Pet, but we also offer courtesy listings of the pets on our website, helping to improve their chance of being seen.
As we continue to move the animal sheltering system to work smarter and more empathetically for both pets and people, we must continue to form relationships like that of APA!’s and Adopt A Pet. We’re proud and honored to have this connection and know that pets like Kronk and his family are being seen and cared for with the support of a whole community.

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